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Hello love! Back to our Taiwan global hunt, one of the itinerary of the day was to explore Gondola (cable car), zoo, Taipei 101 and also the famous movie street.

Personally, the culture in Taiwan is way different than in Malaysia where there are a lot of Graffiti arts and so much to see. 

Let us take you through and present to you via pictures.

This tea pack which I bought from their supermart is so good! The milk tea was very smooth, silky as they promised, sweetness wise was really nice, not over the top. Overall, I approved it. When it comes to drinks and food, I'm quite picky most of the time. :P

In order for you to reach the zoo, you must take the Gondola up where there are place of attractions, mostly temple and of course the zoo as the final destination. We skipped the temples mostly, only went one which is the above pictures as we thought in Malaysia, there are quite a few already. What's interesting about the temple is that, there's a bridge call lover's bridge (情人桥). Personally I think it's good for couple or if you are looking for good fate, you might go there and just do a prayer.

Next, we went straight up to the Zoo. As compared to Malaysia one, Taiwan's zoo are so organised, quirky scriptures, statues and so much more!

This gigantic bear steals the show and attention from all of us. I think we stood there for 15-20 minutes just to check out the action stunt.

As we walk around, there are so many quirky artsy marble stone on the floor. We really love this.

One of the main focus was panda. Panda are one of the extinct species which are so precious these days.

The guys was excited over something and had a discussion there.

Also I found a perfect spot for OOTD shot, which the background are graffiti arts. It's a must for me. 

And here's the shot.

In order, for me to take this OOTD shot, my bros are the best. Look what they have done for me. They kinda "barricade" or hold off the street for me, so there are no photo bombers around me. 

Ha! Thanks bros.

After we finished our journey of zoo exploration, we move to our next destination - TAIPEI 101! It's a must go if you are in Taiwan, Taipei. If you have not, then you have not visited Taiwan before! Haha, nah just kidding, but it's a significant landmark of course.

After which, we spent our night exploring Taipei 101, went some shopping, book stores, meeting Taiwan friends, had dinner and a night walk at movie street.

A day well spent with full of agendas. Till then, the next sharing adventure again!

Here's my #OOTD for the day, thanks to Mishkka for the lovely dress. We love the colours and the overlap details in front. Made in chiffon material, it's just good for sunny days.

xx. More to come!


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