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Yeah, we survived our first stop - Rome, which is such a dangerous place. Did I mention that we nearly got pick pocket in the metro? Will share more on that story in  the next entry. 

Florence - second stop, a beautiful city with pack of art history. No more scratching head with the metro map, the bus is the only public transport. And the people here are so much nicer, a few local offers helps on finding the right location. 

A date with the David, the perfect man by Michelangelo. He claimed to has the perfect proportions, as so my art history lecturer said. 

Bang! You're welcome
Florence Cathedral
Florence Cathedral, the main church of Florence. I just love the architecture which is very interesting, with various shade of green, pink and white. I really think that it's not the usual church, you know, with just the colour of plain grey or dark grey. 

If you wonder with I've always look up, well here's the reason why.

It's just insane! How much work and details they put in each and every painting even on the ceiling. I'm blessed to enjoy one of the famous ceiling in the world, the Sistine Chapel. Too bad I'm not allowed to take any photo as there are security guard make sure we won't. The Adam and Eve & Adam and god hand ( teenage flash back, Japan drama series "Forbidden Love 魔女の条件" mention the painting as well, if I remember correctly. Takizawa Hideaki! My teenager crush!)

photo credit via wiki

It was a very artful day, we study every of the story behind each painting. But the history of each painting was just so dark! Say for one, a king summoned the servant to cut of their boob to serve the god. And other brothers trying to kill each other because of jealousy.

The weather it's not that cold yet so I've hacked the Jacket from Hanajae, rolled up the sleeves, together with a saving pin and belt, wore it like a Kimono top.

Once again, kudos to Mishkka for this amazing pair of Aileen Leather Moccasin . Pointy shoes can be quite uncomfortable but not this pair!

End the day with a #wefie. Till the next time!

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