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Posted by KIVOGUE On 1/25/2015 11:11:00 am

I'm not a make up guru or a pro. If I can just bang my face on the table and my make up is done, I'll do it! . But today, I would like to share with ou my everyday make up routine, which I find it fairly easy, simple and quick.


I always start with a clean face, apply my beauty routine like toner, serum then facial sunscreen lotions which I won't go out without it. Always protect your face with sunscreen from the sun. I have oily skin, so finding the right sunscreen that suits my skin type can be quite a trouble. I’ve tried several other brands, but they don't really suits me. Why? Because normally in the middle of the day, my face practically will be so oily until you can be try to fry an egg on it, haha! 

I’m using The Body Shop - Seaweed mattifying moisture lotion with SPF 15, not only this products protect my skin but it also help mattifying my face. Well, sort of. No foundation for me, I’m just too lazy =p.


Benefit Erase Paste to hide away my panda eye. Majolica-majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in brown to achieve a more natural car eye look. It’s one of my makeup holy grail, this eye liner will not smudge and easy to use even for beginner. Using 3CE Eyebrow Mascara in Brown, I’m loving the well-defines Korean looking eyebrow that is thick and slightly straight. My mascara it’s waterproof so can be extremely hard to get off,  I just wanna remove all my make up with make up wipe so Sayonara, mascara!

Cheek & Lips:

3CE Cream Blusher in Coral just to add a healthy glow. Applying L'occitane Shea Organic Shea butter to moisturise. I've pick up some of beauty goods during the honeymoon, Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in Shade 703 Rosewood with insanely affordable price 3 Euro. A lot of makeup guru actually recommending using lip pencil than usual lip gloss because it will last longer. Great pigmentation and love the matt lip look.

Shopping tips - If u plan to go Europe, remember to make L'occitane the top of your shopping list. The price is just SUPER! Go crazy! and of course my new favourite make up brand Kiko as well.

OKAY!!!! Enough with my FACE!! Can't stand it!! Ending the post without being awkward with a nice coffee packaging from Barcelona.

Cheers! Happy Weekend!

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