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Hey lovelies, as most of you know, we have been away for a month during October. Reason being, we were traveling around and have our own little sweet escape.

Today, we would like to share with you a part of our trip and it's all about Taiwan! Of all things in Taiwan, hot spring spa is a must. If you have the time and opportunity, seize it and enjoy what Taiwan can offer.

We went to Hot Spring Valley which is located at Taipei, Bei Tou. According to the local, Bei Tou is one of the famous place for hot springs hence they have a rich history and even have a museum to showcase.

Hot Spring Valley is open to public. We have not seen a hot spring before so it's good to pay a visit and see the natural environment.

Situated at the center of mountain, as you walked along the pathway, you'll be directed to the hot spring. This hot spring is in high temperature hence it is forbidden to go near to the spring.

The smell of hot spring is pretty much indescribable, rich in mineral. If you stay there for a long time, you might not feel comfortable though.  

Later that day, we went to one of the famous attraction as well. It's known as Yeh Liu (野柳)Geopark. Yei Liu is famous for the cape and the hoodoo stones which are formed naturally. The rock formations are the work of mother nature, which we found magical and beautiful.

One of the main feature of Yeh Liu is the famous Queen's head. Can you believe the magic of nature formed this queen's head without any artificial work?

We called it the Lion's head for this amazing rock. Don't you think so it's quite similar?

One of the bonus point is the sea breeze. You could listen to the sound of waves, wind and just enjoy the amazing view. We seriously don't mind to have this enjoyment of life all the time.

We'll end this with our #OOTD (Outfit of the day). Kudos to ABOVE BASIC for the top, we are so much in love with it, especially the collar details. 

We'll have more to share. Stay tunes for our next travel global post!


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