Travel Global Hunt : Europe - Rome Day 1

Posted by KIVOGUE On 12/13/2014 10:28:00 am

It's finally here! After one year of preparations, finally I can "runaway" from work for a month and to embark on a journey to explore Europe aka my honey moon. Our journey began from ROME > Florence > Milan > Venice > Paris > Barcelona > back to ROME again, day trip for Manarola & Pisa. Here's our travel diary of food porn, sightseeing, shopping feed and some serious eye-candy! I personally just ADORE Parisian.

Just the right match of my top from Above Basic, my exciting face thinking “REALLY? this is really happening?

I still remember when I was a teenager, there is this entertainment machine at gaming arcade which look exactly like this. The machine is sort of like a fortune teller where it is designed to read your palm print and tell you the luck of the day, it was quite fun, for like 50 cent. Despite of the scam factors, I actually believe it, well, that's how naive I am. So right here, this is the real thing, Bocca della Verità. 

We spent the rest of the day at Capitoline museums - Italy’s finest collections of classical sculpture and we were really amazed on how a piece of marble can be so divine.

Also, big shout out to Mishkka for this pair of Aileen Leather Moccasin crafted in calf leather.We swear it's so so comfortable!

Side note, I actually want to share the down side with you what happened on the same day.  This is nothing new, but I truly hope that it serve as a friendly reminder about safety.  It is only natural that we are being too adventurous and over hype on the first day, it is after all our first trip to Europe. What happened was that, we are truly excited and we keep on exploring the city till we forget about the time. It was 8pm back then and we decided to call it a night. What? 8 PM?! You may think it’s still very early but in Europe, in a city that I’m staying, but no, by 8 PM, nobody was on the street already.

At that point, our walking distance from the Metro to where we’re staying are about 15 minutes. As we walked along, I can hear someone is walking behind us too but he is at the opposite on the road. I can see him clearly and he was pretending talking on the phone.  As we continue to walk, suddenly he just rush across the road where we are at while taking out something from his pocket! My heart was beating so fast and I shout at my husband “RUN!” and so we run and he followed! It was until the last turn on the right of the corner, WE MANAGED TO REACH SAFELY. And when I turned back to have a look at him, he was standing across the road and smiling at us. That creeps me out.

It was so horrifying! I could not sleep well that night, and it was only the 1st day of my honey moon then this happened. This is not something new, I'm sure you know that it's not wise to stay around by 6pm, especially you are in Europe. A word of advice, try not to stay out late at night when it's around 6ish, you should probably go back where you are staying. It’s best to travel in a group, especially when you are in a foreign country, better be conscious than sorry later. 

Till then, more story to share in the next post. Stay safe =)  

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