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Let's settle down for a scenario.
A 20-ish woman, walking in a cafe. High heels, long hair, face (make up) - checked, her outfit? Little black dress, with red lips on, so well-presented and pretty. All eyes are on her as she walks in ...
But wait ... Something is missing. It feels like something is not complete. Is it her make up? Her attire? No, it's not. Ah, no. It's just too plain, she should have wore a necklace and earrings to polish the entire look, that would be perfect!
Have you had something similar like that? Well, we do. Keep In Vogue team are always fond of accessories, most of the time, we will have our rings, necklace, earrings on. To us, it's a safety perimeter where we feel secure. Some will think it's make up, but to us, accessories are essential.
Introducing LUCCACAL , an online blog shop specialise only in accessories where it is one pit stop that offers trendy accessories which suit any special occasions, mood or styles!

" We allow shoppers to find trendy fashion accessories and classic staples to suit any special occasion, mood or style. So whether the look you are going for is vintage, fashion, modern, ethnic, bohemian, punk rocker or sophisticated, you can find the right fashion accessories at Luccacal to complete your look. "

Let us take you through our everyday essential, on how we style our outfit with these lovely accessories by LUCCACAL!


We are wearing :


The wrist candy - Bangles are perfect for minimalist style. It adds on a personal touch to present a clean, sleek and simple you.

We are wearing :

To top of that, let's pair it up with a set of rings. Multi-stack rings are major love in Western country and now in Asia as well.


The clean and clear - highly versatile piece. 

We are wearing:

We are wearing :

The necklace above are highly versatile as it is simple and clean, pretty much compliment any outfit though. You can also opt for layering if you feel that it's too plain. Depends on your liking whether you want go bold not over the top or go low.


Tribal Muse - Tribal is one of the trend that is still on-going, stealing the limelight with a cinch there. If you want to go bold, tribal is always the best choice for you to stand out. Most of the tribal are fixed in triangle, the geometry significance.

We are wearing :

2. Aztec Necklace
3. Multicolor Tribal Necklace


Quirky point - Too cute to be true!

We are wearing :


While touring in Europe, there's a Eurasian boy keep on staring at me. I noticed he was staring at the DINO EAR TUNNEL on my ear while telling his mum :" Look mum, there's a dinasour on her ears. ROARRR, DINASOUR". We smile at his mum and vice versa, see it's so cute even kids couldn't resist!

All in one, LUCCACAL is one of our favorite accessories store to look-out for. We personally think that the owner really have a strong fashion sense bringing in these amazing pieces, after all it really depends on what the owner like first then only to the consumer. 

Here's something for our Keep In Vogue readers!

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    We are sorry that the code is not working. Currently liaising and checking with the PIC, will get back to you when we have updates, thanks!


  3. KIVOGUE said...'> 19 December 2014 at 16:27

    Hi Sherry,

    The code works just fine. We have tried the code out and it is valid though. Here's the step for your reference :

    Add items into cart > View Cart > Apply discount code: KIV15

    Hope you'll be able to enjoy the code, thanks!


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    thats what i did the other day but it didn't work, anyway i already purchased.
    probably ill try again today :)



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