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Many of you are cafe hoppers, since the cafe trend has been brewing one or two years ago. Well, being one of the cafe hopper ourselves, recently we visited a new cafe known as Underground Societe at Bandar Sunway.

It's not exactly new new, Underground Societe has been opened its door to the customers for about a month now. What's so special about Underground Societe? For a starter, it is one of the rare cafe that is open until 2 am everyday. Second point, it's the first cafe that serve coffee with alcohol in it! Imagine, latte added with a shot of Kahlua or Bailey's. Isn't it amazing?

Underground Societe's concept is inspired by Coffee Societe's culture. That's right! This Underground Societe was none other the latest cafe from the brainchild of Coffee Societe and Garage 51, siblings Choong Kar Wai and Choong Kar Heng. From the team who have created the ground-breaking cafe phenomenon, Underground Societe is set to push the envelope our our nation's cafe culture and to defy the norms.

Underground Societe portrayed through its chic woody decor that exudes warmth and cosiness with a dash of style.

If you proceed to the seats, one of the eye-catching element that we find is the "neon" light or the squiggle, a signature which clearly is the centre of attention above its 30-foot bar. This squiggle is a statement of the brother's passion to venture beyond the norm.

"With the success of our first two cafes, we felt that the time is right for us to introduce a new concept that is unlike any other found in Malaysia. With Underground Societe, we are able to express ourselves in a more meaningful yet non-conformist manner and we aim to touch a chord amongst those who are bold an in search of something different," says Choong Kar Wai.

Brother and co-founder, Choong Kar Heng, added, "Over the years, we have been reaching out to our customers to learn more about what they like and what they are looking for. We have incorporated all these learnings into Underground Societe. "Underground" signifies a group or movement seeking to explore alternative forms of lifestyle or artistic expression," he explained.

"Our utmost focus is the hospitality, quality of coffee and consistency of our food. Coffee us a life-long lesson and we are dedicated to continue to shape and grow the cafe scene in Malaysia, " Kar Heng concluded.

Some of the menu served by Underground Societe:

Desserts : Underground Grenade (Contains alcohol) , RM 26

They say this is one of the signature from Underground Societe.If you didn't try this before, you have never been to Underground Societe!

Small Plates/Appetizer : Japanese Tuna Saku Tataki with Avocados, Escargot Shell Egg, Highland Tomato, Caviar and Salmon Roe , RM 26

Main - Brunch/Lunch : Scrambled Egg/Fried Egg with US Tenderloin Minute Steak, Mushroom Casserole & Thin Sliced Onion Ring on Underground Bun, RM 24

Main - After Six : Grilled New Zealand Lamb Rack with Mint Crush, Grain Potato, Beetroot, Asparagus, Broccoli and Au Jus , RM 38

Our recommendations:

Must try:

1. Humming bird (Cake)
2. Orange Popsicles (Cake- Recommended for sweet tooth only)
3. Latte with Bailey's or Kahlua
4. Coffee on tap
5. Underground Martini with Bailey's
6. Lamb Rack

Major bonus : They are open until 2AM! One of the rare cafe that open until midnight, and they serve alcohol too, which is perfect for night owls like us.


68, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway.

Find more about Underground Societe : Underground Societe Facebook | Underground Societe Instagram


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