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Over the weekend,  I was out to catch up with Adib over a cup of coffee.
It seems so surreal on the way how I met this guy. As a part of Keep In Vogue, I have the opportunity or an excuse to go over and find people who is eye-catching to me for Street Snap Saturday. It was 3 years back then, when I first met him at Kelana Jaya LRT station. I started the conversation by : "Hi, I like your style, can I take a picture of you to feature on my website?" It was that, and I found out that Adib himself is a very talented man, with photography and camera armed all times.

We went to Pulp by Papa Palheta at Jalan Riong, near NSTP publishing, unfortunately, at that time, it was out of electric but that didn't stop us! Here are the pictures taken by the talented Adib .

Along the way, we met some cool folks. Some of it are regular customers, others are with PULP. As in working as bartenders.

I really love how this girl smile, one of PULP regular customer. Didn't manage to know every of their names, I'm so so sorry!

She keep on saying, I'm not good with poses! Omg, how do I pose! As such, came to this photo. I sincerely love the expression of it, smile is the best medicine in the whole world.

One of the cool PULP team. He's very friendly and well-spoken. Thanks for the generosity!

This girl has a serious sense of fashion. Me and Adib love her hair and style. What's best of it, is that she is one of Keep In Vogue readers.

She came up to me and asked me if I'm the girl from Keep In Vogue. I was stunted and I didn't know how to react as I didn't expect people to recognize me. I'm so so sorry for the awkwardness. It'll be very different if I meet you next time. Thanks for the love!

We also went to Cosans coffee for a cup of coffee. PULP is a superbly nice place to hang out at, but the heat was just too crazy.

Special thanks to Adib for the photos. And would you believe how we got into contact again after 3 years? We were on each other's social platform, I have always love his photos and one day, he threw a contest giving out one of his creation.

So I just jumped into the bandwagon, and won! So that's what connect us back and hang out after that. Such miraculous endeavor.

We even have the same glasses, the world seems to do casting magic powder on this.

Thanks for everything! We should hang out more often.

Ending with my #ootd. 


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