Dose of inspiration - Wooden Doll Cake Topper

Posted by KIVOGUE On 11/20/2014 10:30:00 am
Okay, yes we know!  Enough talks about the wedding thingy already but hey. just bear with us. We promise this is the last entry of wedding DIY alright? =)

Today, we are sharing our piece of cake topper on our ROM.You can find like various style and ideas of a cake topper in pinterest, tumblr or so. Without further ado, this is ours!

You will need:

A. Wooden Doll, I bought it from esty
B. Paint
C. Pencil
D. Detail needed to add in for your design. I have choose to use lace, flower bead & card.


1. Sketch out the design, like what you wanted, in my case I focused on the our wedding outfit.

2. Sketch the outline out on the wooden doll.

3. Start painting, remember to paint from light colour first then to dark. 

4. Let it dry for 24 hrs at least, you can stop here if u are happy with it. But... we just wanted to add in the details.

5. Using lace stripe and make into a flower bouquet, I've also used a mesh fabric for the front and back part of the dress. 

6. Glue on the flower bead for the flower crown.  

Done! Let it dry! 

Mission accomplished!

It's definitely a fruitful process. I felt good and I enjoy doing DIY projects for my wedding. Some how it felt like you add you own personal touch to the special day and trust us, it's won't be money saving + time consuming.

A lot of my family and friends commented why am I spending so much time and efforts while u can just pay someone else to do it for you, but in the end I'm just graceful and happy that my best friend, my love of my life and now I can call him my husband to go through the whole journey with me.

On the side note, we are sorting out all the pic when we are on a month hiatus. Heads up! There will be lots of picture over loading. And a few travel entry.

Cheers, XOXO

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