Layback Chic

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1. WHITE CROP TOP , RM 59.90

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Made in the 90s

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Oh Dress

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1. Lydia (Pre-order) , RM 49
2. Aesop (Pre-order) , RM 59
3. Audrey (Pre-order) , RM 49
4. Stacey (Pre-order) , RM 58
5. Jill (Pre-order) , RM 58

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Comfy Top

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1. Knitted Long Top , RM 29
2. Chiffon Top with Drawstring-Waist ,RM 29
3. Dual-Colour Casual Top , RM 28
4. Double-Layer Top , RM 29
5. Front-Printed Top , RM 28

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Ollie Jewellery is running the BLACK FRIDAY sales starting from today until Sunday, 30 November 2014. Grab up to 30% off with the code of BF14.

Hurry now.

Handmade acc

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Full skirt

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KIV'S READERS PRIVILEGE : KIV for Captivated Illusion

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1. GF 4058
2. GF 4043
3. GH 4035
4. GH4050
5. GF 4040

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If you want ready stock Kimono or cardigan, you have find the right place!

Captivated Illusion is offering our Keep In Vogue's readers a 10% off when you quote KIV for Captivated Illusion. They do custom design too, read our reviews for them here :
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Promotion starts from today, 27 November 2014 to 27 December 2014. One month only, be fast!

Vintage Jewel

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Sweet update

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Boho chic

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1. Jade Faux Quartz Necklace , RM 15
3. Outwest Turquoise Rhinestone Earring , RM 15
4. Silver Geo Stone Ring , RM 8
5. Turquoise Dot Spike Stud , RM 10

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If you're the cool kid next block and edgy is your word of expression, then BLAQMAGIKLVRS will definitely fit into your category.

Probably one of our favorite fashion site of all time, BLAQMAGIKLVRS is well-verse and known as a ready stock fashion site which curated edgy approach and style for all fashion lovers.

" With an encouraged edge in personal style, BLAQMAGIK LVRS is an icon for fashion that is distinctive and with some rock cliff edginess. If you would love experimenting with fashion and never give a damn bout how common people thinks of your uncommon style, then we’ve got you covered. Here is where you will find clothing inspiration pulled from the digital Tumblr girl world to stylized chic socialite. "

Today, Keep In Vogue X BLAQMAGIKLVRS brings you a series of edginess stylefile.

We are wearing :



We are wearing :
Blue Camo Top

This top is under self-manufacture item, that means BLAQMAGIKLVRS actually manufactured it by themselves. Quality of the jacket is promising, thick and it is definitely a fun piece to play multi-layering with.


We are wearing :

DREAMWEAVER DRESS is under BLAQMAGIKLVRS's label as well. It is another piece that sweep our feet off. Its intricate crochet lace details at the back are one point to adore, but the front piece where you have cut out on the waistline and laser overlap design give you an edgy touch. 


We are wearing:

We like the fact that the HUSTLE CAMO SHIRT (GREY) cutting is in boyfriend's cut out design. This is one of the trending factor currently where you can wear it as a top and pair with a belt. It is also perfect for outer wear as the sleeve featured bat-wing drop shoulder cut. 


We are wearing:

Speaking about shoes, we assure you that the shoes are very durable. We have been walking in this boots to our Europe trip and Taiwan Trip. While you're on a trip, you'll walk a long way. It was very comfortable yet the best part of it is that it gives us an instant lift-up. Other than that, the boots also help in keeping our leg warm for the cold weather as it featured inner feather layer. We have several compliments on the shoes while going through the custom check. The officer asked us to remove the shoes off and the next thing that they say was the shoes are pretty awesome. 

All in one, we always think BLAQMAGIKLVRS is the taste-makers and risk-takers. It is a wonderland where all girls can be tough yet chic. 

If you like what you are seeing, BLAQMAGIKLVRS is now updated with NEW ARRIVAL. Go check it out now while we let them do the speaking!

Exclusively new!

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Confetti season

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1. Stripes Madness Sweater , RM 58.90
2. Robyn Romper , RM 83.90
3. Champagne & Strawberries Top , RM 62.90
4. Mia V-Neck Romper , RM 83.90
5. Olivia V-Neck Romper , RM 81.90

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They are also having a opening promotion, for every purchase, you are entitled to pick of of this :

T&C applies!

Body hugging

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Laser game

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1. Patsy Top - Grey , RM 35
2. Patsy Top - White , RM 35
3. Huda Top - Peach , RM 33
4. Lewis Flare Midi Skirt - Green , RM 40
5. Mimie Checkers Skirt , RM 30

Blog Shop : Mango Orangie

Edge on

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EVENT : Malaysia’s First Toppo Top Girl Heads to Japan

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After two months of intense search and competition, Lotte Malaysia has crowned Joleen Heng, 18, who hails from Klang as Malaysia’s First Toppo Top Girl.

Joleen came up tops with charm, charisma and a sterling modern dance and acting performance at the Malaysia’s Toppo Top Girl Finals held at Berjaya Times Square recently. Her spontaneous personality captivated the judges. She also outshone the nine other finalists with her talent, poise and social graces.

As part of her prize, Joleen will be heading to Japan in December for a specially designed Toppo Full
Fill Fun Japan Exposure trip. She will also have the opportunity to meet up with Toppo Top Girl winners from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. In addition to this prize, she also bags RM10,000 cash and will visit Japanese TV stations and be featured in selected magazines or media programs.

“Joleen is a strong and vivacious young lady who has demonstrated her potential to live a Full Fill Fun life. She is the perfect ambassador to talk about Toppo chocolate-filled products as she is an
energetic, charming and creative thinker. We hope she will be an inspiration to young Malaysian
girls to achieve their full potential in their lives and careers. I believe Toppo will give her a valuable
cross-cultural experience in Japan, and she will certainly spread the fun to everyone there,” said Sato
Koji, General Manager of Lotte Malaysia.

Toppo, the Full Fill Fun pretzel stick filled with chocolate cream, launched a campaign to look for the
Toppo Top Girl in August this year. The search gained a lot of interest, attracting 357 girls to sign up
to compete for the first ever Toppo Top Girl crown. Just like its Full Fill Fun value proposition, the
participants and supporters of the search by Toppo had plenty of fun in the competition rounds.


Truly, whenever there is Toppo, there is fun and the fun is elevated! And all the Toppo Top Girls
from the six participating countries, who are travelling to Japan can look forward to a Full Fill Fun
time representing their countries.

“I am still reeling in shock at winning. The contest is a very good platform for me to gain experience
and see how far I can go. I would like to thank Lotte Malaysia for the opportunity to be Malaysia’s
ambassador to Lotte’s Malaysia Toppo Top Girl Search in Japan. I have always enjoyed Lotte’s Toppo pretzel sticks filled with chocolate cream with my friends while studying or playing, and I even share with my college lecturers. It is an honour to be given this opportunity to inspire and encourage girls to live a Full Fill Fun life in achieving their dreams and aspirations,” said Heng Joleen, who is currently a student at Inti College.

Emerging first runner-up was Ranesha Sherlyn, 18, from Ipoh, who gave an entertaining
performance of Adele and Bruno Mars songs. She took home RM5,000 cash and a Lotte Hamper.

KL-born Kho Hui Yin, 17, took home RM3,000 and a Lotte hamper as the second runner-up in the search after she thrilled the crowd with a modern ballet dance.

Violinist extraordinaire and songwriter Dennis Lau who was one of the grand finale judges, commented, “The girls are very talented and they grew tremendously after the grooming
workshops. During the decision-making, we focused on their overall performance which included the
talent, presentation, the surprise element, spontaneous personality and chemistry with judges. We
had a fantastic time watching their Full Fill Fun performances.”

Another judge Cecilia Yong, dance queen and 8TV reality dance winner said, “Girls who are confident on stage will always attract attention. I believe that with determination and positive attitudes the girls will go far in life.”

‘’Lotte’s Toppo celebrates the confident, charming and talented young women who are courageous
and want to build a Full Fill Fun life. Whenever there is Toppo, there is fun and the fun was certainly
elevated especially at this Toppo Top Girl Finals!”, said Koji. He thanked all the participants, partners, and sponsors who made the First Toppo Top Girl Contest search a huge success.

Joleen Heng will be heading to Japan for more elevated full fill fun with Toppo Top Girls’ for
exposure trip.

More details on the Search and to follow Toppo Top Girls' progress in Japan, log on t

Flora Spectrum

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1. Baby Roses Maxi Dress , RM 59
2. Klaire Kimono, RM 55
3. Fiona Floral Dress , RM 69
4. Ainsley Abstract Midi Skirt , RM 59
5. Flora Crop Top , RM 49

Blog Shop : Peep Boutique

Pink and blue romance

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Formal chic

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2. ozrC_904 Vicale , RM 49
3. ozrC_907 Wobline , RM 49
4. ozrC_908 Minsche , RM 45
5. ozrC_899 Blimess  RM 42

Blog Shop : Oozora tang

Dose of inspiration - Wooden Doll Cake Topper

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Okay, yes we know!  Enough talks about the wedding thingy already but hey. just bear with us. We promise this is the last entry of wedding DIY alright? =)

Today, we are sharing our piece of cake topper on our ROM.You can find like various style and ideas of a cake topper in pinterest, tumblr or so. Without further ado, this is ours!

You will need:

A. Wooden Doll, I bought it from esty
B. Paint
C. Pencil
D. Detail needed to add in for your design. I have choose to use lace, flower bead & card.


1. Sketch out the design, like what you wanted, in my case I focused on the our wedding outfit.

2. Sketch the outline out on the wooden doll.

3. Start painting, remember to paint from light colour first then to dark. 

4. Let it dry for 24 hrs at least, you can stop here if u are happy with it. But... we just wanted to add in the details.

5. Using lace stripe and make into a flower bouquet, I've also used a mesh fabric for the front and back part of the dress. 

6. Glue on the flower bead for the flower crown.  

Done! Let it dry! 

Mission accomplished!

It's definitely a fruitful process. I felt good and I enjoy doing DIY projects for my wedding. Some how it felt like you add you own personal touch to the special day and trust us, it's won't be money saving + time consuming.

A lot of my family and friends commented why am I spending so much time and efforts while u can just pay someone else to do it for you, but in the end I'm just graceful and happy that my best friend, my love of my life and now I can call him my husband to go through the whole journey with me.

On the side note, we are sorting out all the pic when we are on a month hiatus. Heads up! There will be lots of picture over loading. And a few travel entry.

Cheers, XOXO