Dose of Inspiration - Picnic Date

Posted by KIVOGUE On 9/27/2014 11:00:00 am
Weekends -  personal time for you, for couples, for family, it's a pleasure of life when you slow down your steps and relax. Enjoy the fresh air, laying down and read your favorite book, spending a great evening with a picnic date. As a gentle reminder, please remember bring along your sunblock, even if it's evening, the sun have no mercy. Here are my fair share of tips and snack food idea - fresh strawberry with Meiji Cracker, lemonade and also Turkey Cranberry Wholemeal Sandwich, perfect for a picnic date!

Piece of Fresh strawberry with light cream cheese and Meiji Cracker and Ta-da
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Turkey Cranberry Sandwich 
Give this a try! It's quick, easy and yummy.

You'll need
Cranberry Sauce, Light cream cheese, Turkey slices, Shredded lettuce and bread. Go for wholemeal bread for lower calories

Step 1 - Mix cranberry sauce and light cream cheese. You may add in cheese for extra kick of flavour
Step 2 - Spread over bread slide
Step 3 - Place turkey slice and shredded lettuce

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