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A beauty regime is often seen as a powerful and important steps to protect your skin.

If a face isn't beautiful, make it flawless. There's no ugly women only lazy women in this world.

Have you heard of Shekinah Stem Cell Serum from Agape Boutique ? Apparently it's a hot heat and selling really fast as the effects are wonderful!

So what's this  Shekinah Stem Cell Serum and Shekinah Diamond Renewal Serum that can make wonders?

Secret, Beauty and luxurious journey ahead!

What does this Shekinah Stem Cell Serum holds on?

Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Whitening 3 in 1 miracle serum 

This product is formulated with with Apple Stem Cell Extract, a blend of amino acids and 2 different peptides for maximum results.  These ingredients combat chronological aging by activating skin's own stem cells to promote cells growth and collagen synthesis, the appearance of fine lines is reduced and the skin looks younger. 

Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Repair all type of skin allergies, redness, sun damage  
  • Reduction of acne scars, stretch mark, rashes
  • Repair large pores skin 
  • Restore cell activity and increase skin elasticity 
  • Reduce wrinkle and freckles  
  • Provide an anti-wrinkle effect 
  • Activation and protect longevity of skin stem cells 
  • Combat chronological aging 
  • Smoothen and soften skin 
  • Oil control on facial skin  
  • Improve Rehydration of dry skin  

How about Shekinah Diamond Renewal Serum then?

Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum 

This Luxurious serum enriched with pure micronized diamond powder to improve skin complexion and provide radiance by stimulating skin micro-circulation.  Formulated with a special blend of hydrating and protective active ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, beta glucan and cactus extract; it delivers hydration, anti-oxidant protection, and soothing benefit for radiant and supple skin.

Functionality :
Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Increase brightness of skin and skin whitening 
  • Increase glowing look on face 
  • Skin rejuvenation effects 
  • Improve skin transparency 
  • Increase face radiant and look younger  
  • Smoothen and soften skin 
  • Oil control on facial skin  
  • Improve Rehydration of dry skin 
If you desire for a better result, use both as a combination as Agape Boutique advised.

Even well-known bloggers such as Cherrie, Chanelle and others claims that both Shekinah Stem Cell Serum and Shekinah Diamond Renewal Serum is a miracle!

Tempted to try these out? 

Good news! Agape Boutique is giving out 10% and free postage if you purchase 1 box of Shekinah Serum from them! You can mix it up with both Shekinah Stem Cell Serum or Shekinah Diamond Renewal Serum together. Each box is about 10 bottles. 

Quote ABKIV10% now, to get 10% off and if you purchase a box, you will be entitled to free postage too.
This is one opportunity that you dont want to miss.

Promotions ends : 30 September 2014. 


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