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We bet everyone have their own innocent side or even a very childish side when it comes to things that make you happy.

First start off, by saying that, our hobbies are mostly very "child-alike", we love watching animation and cartoons even at these age and when KakenC Design approached us for a customization project, we are so happy like a kid, restore the child within us.

A little bit about KakenC DesignKakenC Design is a cartoon based drawing or a graphic designer illustration as well as customize design artist. Woah, speaking about multi-tasking designer! KakenC Design always expertise in shoes or t shirt so whenever you have special request, you can always sort it out with KakenC Design.

So, since that's the expertise, yippie! We requested KakenC Design to come out with one of our favorite anime infused on the shoes, here are the results.

That's right, it's Attack on Titans! One of our favorite's anime, when the shoes arrived, we were really amazed by the artwork, not only KakenC Design throw in a lot of extra characters design that we didn't attach, the quality are A-plus too. Also, we are expecting sorta like violent version, since Attack on Titans are kinda violent too, but with creativity, they actually turn into a really cute version.

It's similar with "converse" kinda quality, hence we predict this shoe will be wore by us for quite some time.

Here are some close up of the shoes:

You can expect details-oriented design infused on the shoes. The colours clearly popped and its so quirky and fun. The "craftsmanship" of this, may be rough surface but the details won it all! Using acrylic paint, painted on the shoes, you can expect canvas painting masterpiece on it!

KakenC Design can customize almost anything, you just have to attach more sample of pictures to them, then wish came true!

And what's more fun to play with the shoe? None other than JUMP - RUN - ACTION IN THE SKY! Here's our take:


And together, we jump with joy!

We thanks KakenC Design for sponsoring this pair of shoes to us.

If you are looking for customize project, please do head over to KakenC Design for special request! We're certain you will be as happy kid as us - satisfied!


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