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Moving on from the usual outfits flaunt, one would normally focus on either make up or accessories.

Today, we would like to pick on our favorite topic of all time, how do accessories actually complement your entire outlook with just minimal efforts along with the courtesy of Juju Milky.

One of the one most on-set and on-the go is sunglasses. In any fashion style file, sunglasses and glasses are both garnering fairly amount of attention :

You can see the usual lookbook, chictopia or any street snap file, there is always someone who is wearing sunglasses. On a contrary side, the asian's trend, are more fond on glasses, often take as accessorize and to finish off the look.

Featured Items :

1. Black Pound Glasses
2. Ombre Leopard Retro Round Glasses

Taking down to the face, what about others? We have all it covered!

Look 1 :

Featuring items :

1. Lime Triangle Rhinestone Stud
2. Faceted Gem Stud Bangle

Both accessories are bringing out the vibrant vibes on us. We pair it up with the colors played but keeping it matching.

Look 2:

Featuring items :

1. Ombre Leopard Retro Round Glasses
2. Silver Transparent Geo Bibs Necklace

The accessories featured above, is a story teller themselves. No additional stand-out outfit needed, just them. So pair it down with a basic dress and bring out the magic of accessories to turn yourself chic set-on-the go.

Look 3 : 

Featuring items :

1. Multi Silver Chain Rhinestone Arrow Necklace

Unlike the others, this necklace simply stands for simplicity. It is subtle so you have to perk it up with all you have. Wear bold outfit, making it double statement.

Look 4:

Featuring items :

1. Silver Rhinestone Tusk Fringe Necklace

This is a champ, bold than ever featuring details intricate. Personally love the necklace in sorta marble print and a combination fix with diamonds together.

Look 5:

Featuring items :

1. Mint Lock necklace

All in one,  thanks to generosity of Juju Milky we have fun styling all these pieces, we'll end it with the detail shots :

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