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Posted by KIVOGUE On 7/18/2014 09:02:00 am
Have you actually come across our work before with DoozieAvantGarde ?

Well if you have not, take a read here > Product Review on DoozieAvantGarde and here > Street Snap Saturday on DoozieAvantGarde *yes you should!

DoozieAvantGarde  has always been major in accessories, but recently they have just joined in the apparels bandwagon, bringing us quality assured apparels with affordable prices!

By logging on their webpage, we have found quite a few quirky styles that we love! Being a fashion reviewer, we have always came across quite a lot of website selling the same apparels, just that the price tag is totally different. We have ordered before a few apparel that didn't live up to our expectations, mostly disappointed because we expect better quality as some of the blog shop are quite well established already.

That aside, we assure you that already done quite a good job. We think they personally QC - as in quality check before about their source.

Here's our take, bringing apparels into stylefile.

1. Go Denim

Featuring item : D0030 , RM 62

We believe, this jumpsuit has been around the blog shop sphere quite often. We first locked down on this with another blog shop, but sadly, the price is a bit on the high side. And then, we saw it again but we wasn't triggered by the urge of buying it anymore. But thank you DoozieAvantGarde ! One of the wishlist has been topped off.

This jumpsuit is in denim material which is very premium. Denim are always take as a versatile piece, you can literally pair it with anything else because its tone is so match-able.

Our take : H&M belt to add a edgy touch, floppy hat to add on stylo mylo, all time favorite boots.

If you feel like throwing on an outer, you can! And oh it comes with a free belt in choco color too!

2. Jump on it

Featuring item : D0129 , RM 53

This is another jumpsuit that we love so much! The material of it is silk so oh you can feel the almighty weightless free on your body. We are always fond in silk seriously, the best part of this jumpsuit is the cutting.

We always have a problem where our hips are bigger in size, it's hard to complement the entire look. But this jumpsuit make wonders! We love it, it doesn't emphasize much on the hip part but the overall which bring you a sophisticated look. We have quite a few compliments from our friends and colleague when we wore this :P *true story which is why we are so happy!

In my usual case, we normally will pair it with an outer because we are working. When you are not, just let it as it is.

3. Twist Belt Details

Featuring item :  1. CT0119 , RM 45
                           2. J0004 , RM 24

This top is perfect for any occasions be it in corporate or an outing, its twist belt details are the main focus of all. Oh this is Zara inspired !

As you don't want to cover the twist belt details with high waist skirt etc, and you don't want to appear flop wearing midi skirt, it's best to pair with a skinny slim cut jeans where it can bring your shape out. We are wearing shiny necklace from DoozieAvantGarde as well.  On this occasion, best to ham on your accessories, be bold as you can. Chunky accessories works perfectly fine in bringing out your personal touch.

The necklace that we choose are so shiny! Its one of the best quality where we have seen.

Side story : Let's just do a test after all this whether it will be rusty so soon or no.

4. Modern Chic

Featuring items : 1.  FS0071 , RM 46
                           2.  SS0032 , RM 44

Needless to say, this top is a win! The details are all on the panel of the shirt and collar, it is so quirky!
And oh the bottom? Both win, haha. It's actually a skort ! Overall, this look are very sharp meeting up with your fashion ante or taste. Its clean cut and dashes of colour embroidery are to win over your attention to its details.

Comments :

Overall, we are very happy with DoozieAvantGarde products, because the very important factor - is all about quality and a plus point - Pricing!

Can't wait to see what they will bring in store for the next updates, we ourselves might get a few pieces from them. Mark that blog shop, it's one that you shouldn't miss. xx

Updates : 

Good news for all the Keep In Vogue readers as DoozieAvantGarde are kind enough to give you a 5% rebate. Also get a FREE GIFT upon RM 60 purchase and above (after 5% discount). Quote KIV5 upon dropping order!

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