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When ppl start to complain that they get up on the wrong side of bed, Girl, hehe you  haven't heard our part of the story. Of previous month, what went wrong with Keep In Vogue team? We were really riding a roller coaster with its up and down, joy and misfortune, hence Keep In Vogue update on website is slow and we too want to apologize to our advertisers and sponsors. We are back on track now, will resume soonest.

So what exactly happen?

Emily's story

Emily got ROBBED! during her prewedding photoshoot. Imagine wearing your perfect gown and walk in the police station with a heavy make up. It all happen so fast, we just parked along Queenbay road, within 30mins the thief broke the mirror and took everything.

So what have we lost? Everything! IC, driving lessen, passport, money , DSLR (two month old!!) Daniel wellington watches, micheal kors bag, McQueen wallet and the list goes on. I just hope that the theif use it for good course, as like all my belonging will help him or his family to go through hard time. I take it as calm as i can, and keep telling myself it's just like doing a huge donation to the misfortune. Well it's my own fault as well not being extra careful and putting the bag in the car even it's is below the leg space. An expensive lessen learnt! 


Camilla's story

In Camilla's working line, deadline is a routine. I'm always flushed with a lot of writing materials, event management and the list goes on. Whenever there's event, girl, I will work until midnight. Expect little sleep. What went worse, hiccups and tremendous stress from management and client. *not helping at all * hence I'm down with shingles after that.

What's shingles? It's a upgraded chicken pox version which is much more serious. Shingles in chinese saying - "Snake", once it form a line around you, you will be dead. And I'm not joking at all. Originally, I thought it was pimples only, but it's so painful! With the tremendous torture and pain to endure, I even have little sleep with it as well. Shingles tend to make you feel painful, sore and you always have fever and headache. 

Anyhow, since it's now all ended and we are still recovering. We will proceed to our product review styling, reviews and etc soonest. Thank you for your patience. We sincerely thank you readers and blog shop owners for the sweetest email during hard times. We feel so touch! Thank you thank you!

Now, this sums up what we have been through. Let's hope for a better tomorrow and everyone is healthy, safe and sound!


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