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Have you look through any online fashion portal or even lookbook, tumblr or pinterest recently
? You can find it here > Kimono Cardigen in Pinterest you are welcome ! *

Then you would probably notice all those flowery power and all those flowly materials - this is none other than Kimono. Kimono has taken the trend once again in town.


What is Kimono?

1. Kimono is originated from Japan, with the meaning of things to wear. Japanese usually wear it for traditional occasions such as weddings or grand celebration or events. You can still find Japanese wearing Kimono these days, not only Japanese, the trend has been spread around the world like a wild fire!

2. Kimono are usually T-shaped, with straight line-robes that the hems fells around ankle *as according to wikipedia   it's long and meant to be outer.

3. Fashion designers took inspiration on the wonders of kimono and develop it into light-weight, flowly as wind using chiffon material and it carries those oriental temperament. * Ah, thanks grace, its such a fashion staple

Whilst that ahead, oh look what we have found here! If you are looking for kimono cardigan, you should probably bookmark this blog shop - Captivated Illusion . What's the plus point? You can actually customize your own kimono, with the sizing, material preference, fabric choices, design wise, all from A to Z!

Captivated Illusion  - customize your own Kimono away!

Now most of us, always look through all those kimono cardigan, thing is they always varies in sizes. Some of it, were perceived as horrid because the sizes are mainly too big. Imagine you are wearing something big and sloppy , you can be either one of this :

1. You are wearing pyjamas, hey good morning sunshine! *when it's already evening

2. Oh all so hip-pop you are gonna see my boxer, oops no, my undies and some a$$ baby!

No, unless you have the quality of :

Designer clothes like this :

Then yea we won't judge. But unless you have extreme ka-ching $$$ to spend, best option? Alter your own kimono sizes!

How are you going to do that?

Now, Nadia from Captivated Illusion  is happy to be in touch with you. You just have to email her at and attach some pictures for her reference, she will listen to your requirement, your request and start sewing accordingly.

And oh, did we say that she sew it by herself? Yes, it's all made-to-order! Starting price - RM 15 lowest, but it depends on material and design wise, the more complication it is, the price will goes on too.

So what's not to try?

Alternatively, if you are in a rush, there's also ready stock > Ready Stock Kimono for you to pick on. Starting price from RM 20 and above with different pricing, of course if  the designs and material is premium and complicated, the price will be higher as well.

So let's take a peep and it's time to get oh-so-flowly (oriental approach) or your basis one-O-one, the versatile piece to style anything!

So get going now, visit Captivated Illusion  | Ready Stock Kimono .



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