Dose of inspiration - DIY Sashes

Posted by KIVOGUE On 6/28/2014 10:11:00 am

i was inspired by vera wang that contrast white bridal gown pair with the black long sashes, it look chic yet modern. There`re quite a few pretty sashes is already in the market but most of it are very bridally such in white, grey and blush colour tone but no dark green. So DIY is the only option. 

1. You will need:
Ribbon of your choice, the longer the better. Embelished patch work at your local craft store. Glue and scissors.

2. Meassure your waist length and adjust the placement. Make a mark.

3. Heat up your glue, get your glue ready

4. Apply generous amount of glue but be careful the glue gonna be very hot. 

5. Place the embelisement on ribbon

6. Touch up the edges if needed

7. Press firmly for a few minutes. Cut away, clean up the end of the ribbon.

8. Done! 

Is super quick and easy, this is my humble DIY creation. But I'm quite happy with the outcome. 

Happy weekend loves xx

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