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So lately KL is in pouring rains which is good! As it save up more water and clear of the hazy days. On a side note, when it is raining out there, have you ever though of what or which kind of activities you can do instead of doing nothing at home?

Here's how we would spend our time in rainy days :

1. Have a good book, a good read

2. Good drinks, hot and warm. Be it coffee, tea, your call

3. More drinks

4. Lean on the window, have a thought of the past and present, mesmerizing every moment

5.More drinks, until you feel like not having one

By now, you should feel like we are trolling you already :P

Okay, just joking. Let us continue :

6. Remember the small little paper boat? Float and flow according to the direction of water 

7. Get your camera out and snap good picture

Do you know that rain drop or raining scene is as equally beautiful than others? You can do so much effects on it, one of it that we love is the bokeh effect.

8. Play with the little one

It's time to play with your little one, be it sisters, brothers, daughters, sons or so. But of course, rationalize it, there's a limit. Don't get them sick though.

Here comes the dramatic one.

9. Cuddling with your loved one

Of course, we won't be that romantic as in the picture but you have to admit that in rainy days, cuddling with your loved one seems like the best thing to do! Just make some light lunch/dinner, sit and lay on the sofa, have some pop corn, watch some DVDs, or even play video games together. Anything as long as you feel happy.

Last and for most, which is not logical at all, but it is just too cute, we could not resist it. It is sinful  if we do not share it.

10. Hope the rain drop to appear in this form (yea, in our dream)
Oh and so, here's the things that we do in rainy days. What about you? Tell us more and share with us your ideas, we'd like to hear one.

That's it for an inspiration post today. Thanks for reading! x 


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