Dose of inspiration - The perfect wedding cake

Posted by KIVOGUE On 3/01/2014 03:07:00 pm

All credit via pinterest
Sometimes I find myself asking are you serious? planning your wedding a year a head. But month and months goes by i found it's quite a compulsory! Getting the perfect dress, cake, door gift, photography the list goes on and on. This week, i'm searching for the perfect wedding cake. I wanted modest, mix with difference texture and colour. There with a few pretty wedding cake that i've found it on pinterest. It's so pretty! Done my research, the price for 3-tier cake will be from RM800-RM1200 and 2-tier cake will from RM550-up, depending on your design. Yes, it's not cheap, but hey it's once in the life time! Who would not love pretty cake.

PS: I'm still looking for cake vendor. Any recommendation bakery that base in Penang? PLEASE CONTACT US @

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