Aloha girls!
I’m sure, if u are an accessories lovers, u will  face a problem :

How to organize accessories nicely

Sometimes, the girls purchased from us would share some photos with us, and i would like to share with u all, hope it gives you some inspiration!
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IDEA 1 : Using a Softboard & Pin

Material : Softboard & Pin (Popular, Statinoery Shop, DAISO)
All u need to get is Softboard & Pin, both are available in stationery shops or DAISO.
It should be costing less than Rm15. The good thing is, u can hang ur necklaces nicely without having them to tangle each other.
I would also suggest you to use a big clear transparent plastic to cover ur softboard, just to protect ur accessories from the airflow

IDEA 2 : Jewellery Box

This photo was sent by our customer, this jewellery box is awesome, but i am sure its pricey as well.
you can store all types of accessories nicely, and preventing them from the airflow.
You desk will simply looks neat with this SUPER jewellery box !

IDEA 3 : Using S Hooks

Material : S-Hook (Ikea, DAISO or ACE hardware )
Sometimes we really need to be creative! She uses S Hook (can be easily get at IKEA or household store).
Hanging 1 Necklace to 1 S hook to keep them apart , isnt it smart & cheap at the same time?

IDEA 4 : Photo Frame & Hook

Has an unused photoframe? Put them with hooks & transform it into ur jewellery organizer!
You can Used it to hang necklace, bangle & bracelet as well. Perhaps u can get a super huge photoframe if you have lots of accessories too!

IDEA 5 : ToolBox

Material : Toolbox (Jusco, Tesco, ACE Hardware)
This is my own collections :) I am an earrings lover & i have too many of them :)
To keep them intact from the airflow , and neat so that i can look for my favourite pair to match with my outfit, i find this method is very useful too!

IDEA 6 :  Dress Hanger Jewellery Organizer

Material : A Fashion Story  (You can get this from our shop  HERE  )
Normal price : RM23.9       PROMO now : Rm20.32
This has become my favourite organizer now, instead of storing into the toolbox, i also store my earrings using this dress hanger & hang inside my wardrobe.
Super easy & Super organized cause the pocket is transparent , i can look for the items i want easily. Some of my girls also used the similar organizer to store their necklaces & bangles collections!
*Credits to Hot Mama for the awesome picture she took with her organizer.

IDEA 7 : Bamboo Blind

Material: Bamboo Blind (Rm5 at DAISO)
This is simply too clever for me, its nice & easy! Just buy a bamboo blind in DAISO & hand ur earrings with it.
It creates kind of a vintage feel for me :)

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