2013 Recap

Posted by KIVOGUE On 1/04/2014 11:30:00 am

2014 is finally here, after we bid bon voyage to 2013, let's have a recap of what we (Keep In Vogue) have achieved shall we?
  1. We have created an instagram account. ID: Keep In Vogue
  2. Our FB likes increase, now with 1k plus and hope to get more 
  3. Our webpage changes. Improve to a hopefully, user friendly website
  4. Increase of advertorial, product reviews post. 
  5. Attended events and bazaars. 
  6. We have a few giveaways including collaborations with blog shops or our anniversary
  7. Okay we admit our twitter are going down hill.
And the list keep going on ... We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers and mostly, our advertisers, sponsors and blog shops. Without your supports, Keep In Vogue wouldn't be able to achieve this today. So we would like to say : THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR TWO YEARS CONTINUOUSLY , STILL COUNTING! Hope 2014 is a blast for all of us! x

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