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"One day, if your dream is to emerge with galaxy, visionary, abstract, will you fuse your visions in the fashion that you wear?"

If you are a kind of person can't live without boldness, abstract and artsy feels, here's one blog shop you should keep in your bookmark tab. Room 11  is a whole youthful, wishy thingy. Young wild and free.

Today, Keep In Vogue team pick two of the designer tees from their collection to clip into style file. And to showcase two different style. Transforming good girl gone bad verse.

Designer tees are one of the most versatile piece, due to it's print and colourful and bold abstract/vector art, you need to tone down other apparels or accessories to pair and bring out the contrast.

The first attempt, we borrow the trend from the boys. Think of gentleman styles? Suits, ties? Yay, you got the point. Got jackets? Nah, throw it off, pick vest instead. Its versatility fits best functions of bringing out simple yet chic illusion. At here, grey as a soft colour to play with the bold print.

If you want to be extra nerd/goody, pair with your specs! and smile, :). Haha, fake it. :P

Second attempt, the gone bad verse girl. With glam rock dip.

Bad version? Leather, black, spandex, synthetic fabric, anything in your mind of cat woman, play it bad. 

We pair it with a goth necklace, note the black around neck necklace is also from Room 11! Not too much, sometimes when you pair it too much, it brings confusion. If you go heavy on necklace, you don't need to pair eye-catching accessories such as earrings, bracelet or stack rings. Go soft. Focus on what you want to bring out, in this case, we want the print of the tees to pop. We want the focus on the upper part or the body.

Not only that, Room 11 also have a whole lots prints and cool stuff, we particularly like the shark print top. Whoosh, we are not going to post here, visit Room 11 for more!

And oh, this designer tees are priced 1 for RM 49, 2 for RM 90, which is like RM 45 each! Material is cotton, comfy and not thick, go easy with the weather we have in here.

So which version do you like? Tell us how you would pair it! We know you could style it better than us. *Wink

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