Dose of Inspiration - Book Mark It!

Posted by KIVOGUE On 11/02/2013 11:00:00 am

Just wanna hide in your comfort zone - home. Ya we feel you, we have those days as well. Instead of staring at the wall, why don't you read some blogs? Here with 4 our favourite pick of bloggers.

    Tough chic gone bad. Micah is a loud persona in fashion industry and she is no stranger to those fashion editorial based. You can say her style much focus on the tomboy trend, thats the gun point where i like her.
    New found website all thanks to Lookbook community. Needless to say, this chic is a rocker chic but she can make her effortless style tips in every way. Significant eye brows and mole are her pure identity. This is one chic that has all the muse.
    Based in CA, Ashley way of styling is always upbeat, fun and cheering playful. Her editing work is also fun to look at. Always in the share of music player in every post, take a listen at her pick, you will be amuse not only her style outfit, but also her taste in music.
    An interior designer / fashion blogger - Aimee Song. A pair of long, tone leg to die for, ain't no sausage leg! Her style of layering jewelry with chic outfit. Definitely my music of style.
Enjoy blog reading and have a great one!

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