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"If every day is a fashion show, the world will be your runway."

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.
Everyone has their own distinctive ideas of style and carry themselves, none the exception, 6th sense have their own vision of fashion line to offer.

Introducing their current fall collection, focus most on casual and comfort + versatility. Take the hues tone down to neutral earthy colors, with a touch of blue + grey.

To give you a sorta polyvore version, KIV team have pulled out two version of outfits for you lovelies.

When the blues strike, we aim for maximum comfort yet hidden styling effort compliment the coordinates.
Here's outfit no1. :

1.  Off Shoulder Tee , RM 29
2. Belted Skinny Denim , RM 58
3. Two Tone Shopper , RM 85
4. Pointed Brogue Blucher , RM 66
5. ORLY Nail Lacquer , RM 36
6. Asymmetrical Ring Set , RM 15

We totally dig the dark grey colour nail polish, so effing gonna get one now. Looks relatively attractive to us. And we got ourselves the Belted Skinny Denim which we assure you, it's very comfy in any ways. Cutting wise are more on high waist with accentuating and fitting leg lines. Thus, long legs with slimming effect is guaranteed.

More on the details :  

Here's the take 2 version. A contemporary out take : -

Dive in to the big floral trends and to keep the look not too over blossomed. Pair it with a black vest and pointy shoes kinda like borrow from the boys trend yet a touch of feminine. 

1. Chloe Embroidery Denim Tunic , RM 39
2. Chiffon Sleeveless Vest , RM 39
3. Foldover Flap Clutch , RM 99
4. Pointed Moccasin , RM 66
5. Flower Necklace , RM 29
6. Nanda Black Sunglass , RM 29

6th sense is also self manufacturing their own collection right now! One of it is the Belted Skinny Denim that we have. Find out more about their self manufacture pieces : 6th Sense Self Manufacture

Details in the zoom :

All in one, 6th sense offers a contemporary take on style with casual in current collection. And oh, did we mention they also offer FREE SHIPPING throughout Malaysia with any purchase?

Currently venturing in wholesale policy, if you dig the style and products that 6th sense offers, you can take in the stock from them. Minimum take in for wholesale policy is 10 pieces of any items in a single invoice or order, if you are interested, please email :

Follow 6th sense in instagram, instgram ID : @6ixthsense . Official website :

Kiv readers are offered 10% rebate in any purchase, just create an account, add in KIVreaderpromo on the check out to enjoy this discount.

Valid until 30 December 2013// extended promo, just because 6th sense love you. ;)

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