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As promised, here is our share of staying at Muine,Vietnam. We traveled down from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet, Muine by this "laying down" coach. 

After 4.5 hour, finally we have touch down Mui Ne - the fishing village. Atmosphere wise, villa is just beside the beach, great view with private pool! And it's just RM500 per night. With 3 rooms divided by 6 of us, *maths talking*  its actually equal to RM83 per night!!

If u think private pool is too small.. now here u go! All ready for u to jump in.

Seafood and coffee are super cheap! RM0.50 for a cup of good coffee! And this baby here is a lobster that cost less than RM100! Quite a bargain don't you think?

Red Sand Dunes that you wouldn't want to miss. Try walk up and slide down - FUN!

Bamboo Cap from Vietnam • Top - CherryJunk • Bottom - Paul & Bear • Sandal - Fabiano Ricco

Here are the top 10 fun facts guide to travel in Vietnam :
  1. Only take taxi with a meter, but becareful some taxi meter are adjusted to be faster.
  2. Crime rate in Vietnam is uber high, so make sure to be alert all the time. 
  3. They don't usually understand English, a calculator will become quite handy.
  4. Bargain! Negotiating is not rude but expected. So 70% off!
  5. If u have weak stomach avoid street food.
  6. Crossing the road is like war zone because 90% on the road is motorbike and they don't obey traffic light.
  7. Stay away from the Salon that is full of babes with sexy outfit. It was a total rip off of your wallet! 
  8. Call me pervert but seriously wassup with their boob!! Most of the girls there have very slim figure yet BIG asset if you know what i mean ;)
  9. Local beer are cheaper than bottle water.
  10. If u are looking for household items go to the market near the train station. Super cheap
It's was a great experience, i love to exchange and experience difference culture from foreign country. Read more of my Vietnam trip here >part 1<.

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