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Established in the year of 2011, KEI MAG line of products include clothing, personalized jewelry, bag, shoe, outfit and accessories which also address fashion & trend conscious consumers of both genders and all ages. 

KEI MAG three key objectives and mission :
1. To provide extensive and distinguish line to all customers
2. Excellent and interactive customer service and relationships
3. To share the passion, compassion on latest trends, fashion tips to local youth and culture

Here, we are honored to share one of the extensive line of KEI MAG. The (925 Sterling Silver)Personalized Name Necklace - Open Chain  which is yet to be launch.

How we would style this necklace :

It occurs to us that layering pieces fit best with minimalist outfit, but we tweak it a bit as we think minimal might be sleek, there must be some popping piece to compliment the entire look.

When we first received the necklace (Thanks to the KEI MAG), the necklace popped up as an idea of layering piece and inspirational key. One thing good about personalized necklace is you get what you want to engrave, in any words that you feel like it. We chose "faith" as a motivation word to serve as a reminder.

Layering piece can be fun to explore if you manage to stack a few simple piece together. In here, we only layered two necklace. Main point is to set the entire look to be simple, not complicated yet chic.

Wearing a motivational piece is to keep the positive vibes around us. Sometimes, when we are in the busiest time, we tend to forget to take a breath and take it easy a little bit. Sometimes, you may be surprised the piece that you are wearing, might give you a thought or two. That is why in office, we have seen a lot of people decorating their own desk, and mostly, are with the favorite quotes or inspirational words to calm the day.

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan said :- "All the world is made of faith, trust and pixie dust " 

We seconded that because in everyone's life, there's always unpleasurable moments and darkest time, but leap in faith, hope and determination to be with you. There comes the light after darkness.

And if you want to customize it in inspirational words like us, please do. Or as a gift to your loves one or even yourself, you can put it any words.

Thanks to the courtesy of KEI MAG , we have teamed up with them and offer an exclusive code for Keep In Vogue readers only. 

Please insert : KIVOGUE to enjoy 10% off on any design of any Personalized Name Necklace.

Offers valid till 30 November 2013.

Hope you enjoy the post dolls. 

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