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The Green Guide :- The green guide is an online website and magazine that talks about green living, environmental health and shopping guide. It is a US based company and has recently affiliate with Bridesire in selling budget and eco friendly bridal dresses and dresses for special events. 

Here's a story from The Green Guide customer : - 

A Shop-a-holic’s Online Shopping Experience

I love shopping and I know some girls are like me too. Who could ever resist the thrill of purchasing
new items and buying the hottest outfits just to make yourself beautiful right? I simply can’t just get
enough of these alluring stores that offers great fashion finds and it just makes me happy, period. But I
never thought that my love affair with shopping will slightly turn into rough path and this just happened
recently when I was about to buy a cocktail dress for a particular party.

A friend of mine handed me and invitation to a formal event and I got surprised that this party is about
to be held in 10 days! This means I don’t have enough time to pick a dress for the occasion so I hurriedly
went to the stores I usually visit and rummage at their selection of gowns. I looked here and there and
to my dismay, I found nothing that will fit to this occasion (I’m very picky when it comes to choosing
gowns that’s why I usually buy ahead of time). All of my happy thoughts ended into despair and I’m
suddenly feeling the pressure. How am I going to find a stunning dress with this short amount of time? I
was forced to break into my usual shopping habits and tried looking for dresses online. Fortunately, one
of my cousins told me about this wonderful website that sells awesome dresses. I checked it out and
found that they have a wide collection of lovely dresses for all occasions such as weddings, homecoming
and prom parties, and other formal occasions. Take a look at some of these pretty dresses they are

These gorgeous dresses are designed and made by The Green Guide and they all look beautiful. And 
what’s best about this is that these dresses are on sale! So I immediately placed my order and waited for 5 days until the dress was delivered into my doorstep. I ordered this dress and it was perfectly made 
according to my exact measurements.

I never thought that online shopping can be so convenient and it broke all my negative impressions on it. From now on, I will never hesitate to go online shopping if my usual resources will not suffice my taste.

Keep In Vogue says :

Looking through all this, is definitely an eye opener for us, a eco friendly material to make such a beautiful dress and not only that, it actually fits so well according to the measurement. So if you are looking for prom dresses, bridal dresses, evening gown that fits you perfectly well. Go to The Green Guide. Guaranteed spoiled with choices. 


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