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Thanks to Air Asia fair, i manage to get great deal for RM333 return. Here is my adventure with Vietnam!  I went there for 7 days in total, 4 days in Ho Chi Minh - 3 days in Muine.

Part 1 - Ho Chin Minh
Stepping out from the airport, I noticed the air pollution in Vietnam is major. Everyone is wearing mask! So expect no fresh air. I highly recommend this mini hotel, Town House 50. Well-run place within striking distance of many of Ho Chi Minh's main attractions. Their staff speak fluent English and was very helpful.

 Open concept bathroom! 
Include breakfast and free banana daily! Yes i'm such a phone addict. =p

Beautiful outdoor church

Tall and narrow building structure which is very interesting and unique. 

Food wise, definitely gonna try the French bread - Banh Mi Tay. It's one of the must try dish in Vietnam. But sorry to all our Muslim friend, it's non halal. But fret not, you can always take the Pho, the Vietnamese noodle. As for Chinese- Buddhism readers, you might want to take extra caution for this because most Pho is beef base. My favorite drink is their Black coffee! It is insanely nice, simply smooth and it cost less than RM1! If you are a sweet tooth go for milk coffee as it is rather on the sweet side. 

War museum, a very sad place. Feature all aircraft, tanks, weapon and war equipment used by the war. Picture taking during the war, how local become a victim of war.

Yes  this is a real tank!

I would also recommend not to miss out this Water Puppet Show. It's quite spectacular and you won't want to miss this. Make you wonder how their function and control the puppet.

Shopping wise, it's okay but not like BKK cheap. There are quite a few flea market to shop: Cho Ben Thanh Market & China town where they sell most whole sale goods. Average price between 125,000 - 180,000 dong for a top, which mean around RM30, depending on your bargaining power. Every purchase need to bargain by 70% and slowly increase your price.

Head up for part 2, as we share our stay at Muine and some top 10 fun fact travel in Vietnam.

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