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Hi all, in today's Keep In Vogue, we would like to share a youtube trend that we spotted on quite a while ago. It's called Rainbow Tag, which means , you will have to share one of your favorite item as according to colours of rainbow.

So it's start with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Here's our pick:

 Emily :

Red - Christion Dior Matte lipstick/  a perfect red lipstick goes a long way. 
Orange - H&M silk top / I'm not a orange person, to be honest it's the only orange top i own which i love the print
Yellow - China Glaze Lemon Fizz / If you are our loyal reader, you'll seen it already... I'm applying these on my nails nonstop.
Green - House of Chapel / Okay i cheated, it's more like a mint. I just love mint colour!
Blue - Denim vest / Sometime denim will be too thick for our weather, in this case sleeves denim vest do the trick
Indigo - Diva / Just my everyday ring, easily matched

Favorite colour Violet - Love & Bullet Crystal necklace / Do you know crystal bring positive energy and purple crystal   help to re-balance your life! Double bonus! 

Here's Camilla pick: 

Red - Body shop lip/cheek stain, my essential for everyday! Works like benefit benetint but you can remove it by washing face easily.
Orange - River Island tassel dress. Once a gift thanks my lovely friend all the way from UK, mad love since then.
Yellow - Recent love, has been using Khiel's Calendula toner since this year and now I am using the entire range of Khiel's since then.
Green - Liquid chlorophyll, an inner shine and my best medicine when i have terrible inner heat. 
Blue - Actually, this is rather a special colour. It's magnetic base and it will come out with different effects
Indigo - New top from FLAVOURGASM  , a new established home brand street culture label
Violet - Nail galore in purplish touch

Now being us, we like to share more! Here's our special colour item:

Emily Personal pick - Metallic Silver
Pointy shoes from  from Pedder Red. I've go insane and bought it straight away!
Not only it's leather and it's crazily comfortable! Chic any time! 

Camilla Personal Pick - Gold mind

Bought from Juju Milky . Classy and elegance, easy to pair with.

Now for ending, gif motion for both our favorite pick:

Hope you enjoy! xx


  1. Anonymous said...'> 14 September 2013 at 16:37

    that necklace is gorgeous! where can i get one in malaysia? someone email me!


  2. KIVOGUE said...'> 14 September 2013 at 18:13

    hey babe, which necklace you are referring to?


  3. Anonymous said...'> 2 October 2013 at 16:54

    :) the Love & Bullet Crystal necklace


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