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Hello loves, today Kiv would like to share with you on our *not so long ago* trips to Singapore!
Guess what and why Kiv would pay a visit there?

Hmm, you may be right, stay till the end to look why!

Starting off, we took a flight way then, Jetstar, no, not a pleasant flight, but we wouldn't want to complaint at here, let's shake off the negative vibes!

And we have touched down to Singapore after 45 to 50 minutes. Well then, let the adventure of exploration begin!

And of course as a fashion reviewer and also full time shopaholic, Haji Lane is probably one of those place that you ought to bookmark it and pay a visit!

Starring from local Singaporean designer to well-known blogshops, Haji Lane is both combination of high-end street with boutique lifestyle. You can really see how blog shops took the effort to decorate the alley beside, very impressive!

Well said!

Here, this is us photobombing. lol

And of course, Bugis Street to make and steal for a deal!
Everything here is Bugis are mostly priced at 10 SGD, which is RM 25 and above. That's like what?
Shop all the way!

Psst.. Spotted a lot of online fashion store goodies which is cheaper for some.

And oh hi, second photobombing.

Meet the host and the visitor! As one of us is based in Singapore, of course she will have the liberty to host me around, haha!

After a day of shopping and walking around, there goes a moment which makes this trip so significant and makes it worth.

Just in case you are wondering about what we are wearing:

On Emily (Left) - Blue peplum top : Bkk , Short : H&M, Necklace : F21, Love Bullets, Bracelet : Pandora

On Camilla (Right) - Aztec cutout dress : Vanilla Ice-Cream , Necklace : H&M, Bracelet : Juju Milky

Greetings! On our way to .. Hmm where will it be?

So we are here officially for The XX concert back then on 2nd August! It's at The Star theater.

The concert was a bomb, everyone in here has enjoyed themselves to the max and judging from the shouts and all, fuhh. XX you power and rock! You can definitely expect the exact clear vocal as on radio, it's exactly the same! Glad that we have flew all the way down here and catches the concert, no regrets!


Day 2, it was a weekend, and we have more time to do shopping! The shopping paradise at Orchard!  But first, local food hunting first!This is Thye Hong "Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle" at Wisma Atria. We actually quite like the aroma of it with heavy prawn taste. It somehow remind us of a dry version of Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee) but this is not bad at all. We have always hear what people commenting on Singapore's food are bad, but at least it was okay to us!

Pat thai, a cone cup Po Piah.

Some random shots :

Can we have a grin emoticon here? Probably the best emotion to fit in this situation. :B

A picture of both! Again OOTD :

On Camilla (Left) - Jumpsuit : Anylove , Necklace : H&M, Bracelet : Juju Milky , Platform : Blaack Fox
On Emily (Right) - Autumn leaf top pant set : Motte Closet , Bag : Anaabu, Platform : Blaack Fox.

Note that we have sister shoes :P

Then after walking stress, desserts because if spelled backward, its the same words :P

Pay a visit to PAUL, a Paris feel cafe with assorted desserts and coffee!

Yes, we actually have to queue for this.

And now, behold! The desserts that will salvage you in drooling and appetite.

One of us flew up to the sky after we have this. :B

After hours of shopping, we went for Dinner, Japanese foods.


Last day of the trip was a short moment, we only managed to have lunch and walk around.

Dine it at Shokudo, it was overall an okay experience, but we wouldn't be dining at there purposely.

So here's the end of the post where we say goodbyes and toddles.

On Camilla (Left) - Top : Zara, Jeans :Room Eleven , Necklace : From Barcelona, Ring : Topshop, Platform : Blaack Fox

On Emily (Right) - Top : Bugis, Dungaree skirt &Platform : Blaack Fox

Our haul, both of us spending in Singapore.

Most items are on sales! Thus the madness of this and Zara Singapore sales are so much cheaper than Zara Malaysia after conversion!

Here, we hope you enjoy our global hunt in Singapore, signing off with little animated scene at Singapore Changi Airport!



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