Posted by KIVOGUE On 6/22/2013 10:13:00 am
Last week, we happen to stomped upon an event.
It's all about cars, machines, big bikes, choppers and more.
Not only the race machines are there, arts are also heavily involved.
There were street grafitti show on-going, Van's peep are skateboarding, BBoy dance and some fashion too.

Art Of Speed at Citta Mall, here's a sneak peak :

Of course when there is a car show, there will be pretty hot models ;)

You can also expect similar Fast & Furious ride here.
It's one of their highlight, another one will be Batman's ride, which everyone are Wow-ed whenever they see it.

Live street graffitti on touch.

Not a biker nor car fans? No worries, here's some bicycle

Spot the monster engine.

That's about it. The whole route took us about 30 minutes o finish.
The space is not big, but you will gaze on their ride for a while.

There's also art exhibition inside, people selling their masterpiece. But their art is more on the biker style.

Here with our sharing, we hope you enjoy! xx

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