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It's been a while, and now we are back on writing for a product review.
This time, it's whole chunk of accessories sponsored by Doozie Avant Garde.
To tell the truth, that girl truly surprised us and caught us off guard.
We did not expect she will be sponsoring us these much and we felt that so sweet and gratitude that she appreciate our work. Kudos to you, Doozie Avant Garde.

Long story cut short, Doozie Avant Garde is one blogshop that specialize on accessories.
Every girl carry their own style and Doozie Avant Garde is just the right blogshop for you as they carry an array of products.

Here,featuring the many accessories that Doozie Avant Garde sponsored us. 3 lookbook stylo has been styled and modeled.

First style : Dreamy Queen

This style spokes on the feminine and softness within you. 
Wear polite and feature simplicity details. Not chunk up as it will devours the whole look.
Kindly take a day off from the iron lady that you armed up everyday to face works and first world problem.
Soften and be ladylike as you can/

Tips: To create a dreamy outlook, curl up your hair and apply assorted pastel eye shadow. To achieve the look above, use pink and earthy.

Second Look, Quirky lady

This look prep up playful dip. It's a fun catching game. Have you ever play hide and seek? It all create that kind of dashful spin. 

Tips: Wear bright high, feature some bold but playful looks. Play colourful drip, take the highlighted pitch.
Tight up your hair and braid it. It always tends to be youthful and young, fun in this way

Third look, Warrior army

Bold tribalism. This is all aim to rough piece. Attention marks on the accessories that you pairing. Be bold, daring and dashing. 

Tips : Accessories choices are crucial. It stands the main point to brush out your entire look and grab people attention. If you are a loud speaker, opt this for the attention seeking.

And that's about it!

Doozie Avant Garde provide us a several sets from head to toe, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklace. 
Above are just 3 sets, we will be doing a few looks featuring Street Snap Saturday.

Hope you girls love the looks that we achieved.
And big thanks to Doozie Avant Garde for sponsoring us this much!


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