Posted by KIVOGUE On 4/20/2013 11:00:00 am

With just 4 easy step, custom made your very own phone cover! Instead of jewelled bling , we picked stud to add a bit of rocker chic which suit us more. 

Things to prepare - Glue gun, Phone cover, Loose stud, Circlip plier

Step 1 Arrange your studs to your desire pattern
. We arrange a cross within a triangle.

Step 2  Fold in the stud prongs

Step 3  Apply Glue with glue gun
            *Be careful, the glue gun is pretty hot and you might get burn.*

Step 4  Put on the phone cover and press it down.
            *Press it for extra few mins for extra secure.*

And we are done! Same method goes if you choose bling or any other embellishment! Arrange -> Glue -> Press!

Happy DIY! 

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