Dose of Inspiration - DIY Golden Temple Sponsor by Glamour Amour

Posted by KIVOGUE On 4/06/2013 01:24:00 pm

We did a poll of voting and let you all, our lovely reader to vote which design nail tutorial you prefer and The GOLDEN TEMPLE WON!

Thanks to Glamour Amour for sponsored us tons of good - Saxby Nail polish (Classic Matte Nail polish ), 2 Splassh golden Nail polish (Gold and Glittery Gold), Bangzi Nail Bling and 2 Thin art brush! Hop over their webstore, they carry nail foils, 3D nail paint, various brand and shade of nail polish and etc, your one stop for all the DIY nail lover! Psst.. for the month of April, purchase RM50 and above in a single order and get FREE DELIVERY!!

Ready? Let's DIY!

Things to prepared - Base Coat, Nail polish of your choice - We are going with Saxby Nail polish (Classic Matte Nail polish ) & Splassh golden Nail polish (Gold and Glittery Gold),  Bangzi Nail Bling, Nail glue and Thin art brush.

Step 1 Apply base coat

Step 2 Apply black polish - Saxby Nail polish           
           Just one coat you get the perfect matte finishing!

Step 3 Pour a bit of Gold Nail polish on a plastic surface. Using the thin brush and start drawing.

Step 4&5 Start with 2 vertical line and 3 triangle side by side on your ring finger.

Step 6&7  On your index finger, draw 2 horizontal line, diamond shape at the middle and
                  triangle shape. Randomly draw fine line at top and bottom

Step 8 You can stop here and add on the nail bling if you want to.

Step 9& 10  Draw 2 V line at your thumb, middle finger and pinky.
                     Add another triangle on the tip of your middle finger.

Step 11, 12 & 13 Add your Bangzi Nail Bling with nail glue following the pattern guide as shown.
                             Please be extra careful as the glue might burn.

And you are done!  We would like to point out on the Bangzi Nail Bling, for only RM23.90 you'll have 12 shape of bling the perfect packaging by separate different shape of bling. Great deal right!

We are quite happy how it turn out and we hope you try it out! Have a greet weekend!

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