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The exhibition is too awesome! We had to shared! The legendary New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya, The art of the Brick Exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.
His largest exhibition yet!

One of CNN's Top 10'Global Must-See Exhibitions' - source, June 12,2011. Witness how lego can be so inspired. Imagine how many hours he spend to create each and every art pieces, patience level is sky high, RESPECT!


A human form lego!

It look like a normal raindrop within a photo frame, but look again! It's 3D!! 

One of his famous work, i personally name it "Heart breaker" =p

This Dinosaur skeleton is HUGE!!! 6-meter long! Stun-ed for a few sec when i saw this piece and started to wonder how he do it! 

These are just a few highlight of the exhibition, there are so much more! I enjoyed the exhibition. Such a inspiration, Dream big or go home! Who would thought of with just Lego, it can be such a visual treat. If you ever travel to Singapore, come and explore, I highly recommend! Ticket info here and more exhibition info here.

Till then have a great one everyone! =)

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