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Posted by KIVOGUE On 2/02/2013 12:39:00 pm

Valentine is around the corner, this entry is dedicate to all the single and fabulous ladies out there. Single? So what?! You can always have eye satisfaction with these EYE CANDIES!

Cami Pick 
Sam Lee - Hong Kong  Sam Lee to me is a swagger guy. He is the founder of subcrew, Dj and an actor. Im into him because of his attitude and his personality, also fashion sense. I like guys who is daring and street, he is the ideal. His humor also tickle my senses and i pretty much enjoyed watching clips of his.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - America  Joseph Gordon-Levvit, the honey yet sweet guy of my life. His smile kill me softly and at the same time, he can be as classy as that. Very much versatile look, from gangster to romance to gentleman, hes all in. Ideal man of marriage if I were to choose from this three. Watching 500 days of summer, I literally melt for him.

And I discovered that all the male eye candy that I love, are all those bad boy thing. Yes, I admit, I love bad boys :B 

Emi Pick
Johnny Depp - I adore his talent rather that just of his look. I love how he interpret each character he play in every movie. Even though it may not be a hit movie but the character he plays surely will leave an impression. 

G-dragon - MY OPPA!  The KING OF SWAG - rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and lead singer of Big Bang, he ain't got imperfection. From fashion to music, he seem to be the leader of everything. He can carry anything even women clothing, yes.. he even carry way better! 

Yes, i fall for boys kinda like a freak show. lol.

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