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Who doesn't need a vacation when you are on long term working? Especially this special vacation is dedicated for our family members. All of us are on a relax vacation together!

This week in Keep In Vogue, we brings you to FLY to CAMBODIA!


What to do when you are at Cambodia :

1. Visit Vietnamese village. In cambodia, Vietnamese people are living on lake side. Cambodia is consider as poverty country, although it is a heat on tourist spot, but their main income are all depends on tourism industry.

You have to rent a bot for the tour, the river smells but its something heart wrenching when you visit them. You can really understand that you are actually considered the lucky ones. Their standard of living are so difficult. All the kids rarely wears slippers or shoes. It's as bad as how you imagine, yup. You will see the kid jump off from one boat to another, earning a living by selling can drinks and so. They bath, wash clothes, brush their face and teeth, poops and pees at the same river. Yeah .. so lucky us!

2. Food, their drinks are super refreshing! Do try their lime shake or green lime shake! Its frizzy and give you a goosebump frenzy. Also, we noticed that instead of ordering dishes and rice, just order noodles instead. Their noodles are much more better :)

3. Expect to see all fancy freaky things.

This is what they say "khasiat arak". lol, something that they believe it will make them healthy and strong, with the help of cobra snakes and scorpion? Just to let you know, there are the fakes one and authentic ones. Just be sure to ask your tour guide to identity it because locals know the best.

We visit this mini crocodile farm which are breed by the Vietnamese.

They usually supply crocodile to other people, mostly for their skin. And dont doubt that, its real.

Silk farm is the real bomb! From the pupa to the transformation of to worms and such, wonder how universe works with the life of cycle. Anyway, it is sad to see that the silk "workers" will die because they have to produce the silk out which will taken their life away.

And this! It is made out from silks. Thousands of silk "workers" have been sacrificed as you can see. They uses a lot of it for the love of fashion!

4. Temples hopping!

The most anticipating part for Cambodia is temples hopping! Temples visiting are like a must as Siam Reap itself, they have 200 + temples but we went to the famous one of course.

Angkor Wat, the view from there are heart warming. We woke up very early at 4 am just to get to see the sun rise.

Thommanon temple. All the architectural have been destroyed by Thai people during wars, when they are trying to conquer Cambodia. You will know the history when you are there, its quite cruel.

East Mebon Temple

Preah Khan Temple, with a whole lot of details on their walls.

Bayon, the 4 face buddha temple, it is designed with the direction of four so that all citizens or people can see the buddha face no matter in what directions.

Ta Prohm, a temple that was used for casting . Movie ? The most famous movies, at least it is well know, it is tomb raider, main actress is the super hot Angeline Jolie. Back to the topic, ever wonder why Ta Prohm will have all these big trees? Noted that its natural, not man made.

The trees are not heavy as it looks, the inside of it is hollow, therefore it doesn't ruin the temples. Birds seeding is the way where all these trees are grown on top of the temples.

Baphuon Temple, a temple with thousand of stairs where you need to climb up all the way.

Banteay Srei Temple, this is a MUST GO temple! It is built by a group of women together, thus the craftsmanship of the building are super details and refined +  smooth. Very exquisite and it is by far our most favorite temple of all.

5. Night market.

When it's at night, no worries, Cambodia have cheap beers, bars and pub too but instead of this, we went to their "pasar malam" where we can hunt some awesome goodies. This is the central market or we call Siem Reap art central market. Please do bargain with them, kill the prices and all. Oh yeah, in Cambodia, we are using USD as the money trading yeah.

Look what we have found! :p Its a bag, folded in, and when you patch it up, its a full convertible bag!

6. Fresh fruits

On our way to Banteay Srei Temple, we saw the locals are selling these sea coconuts. Fresh and yummy! You can hardly find those that fresh here, mostly all will be seasoned and in the can.

Also found their way to climb up to the coconut trees, no monkeys yeah. only people

Shows at village, but we forgotten what village is that.

We can say its a great show, although the wait is long and there are a lot of people. Probably its because of school holidays.

Lastly, if you are in cambodia, expect hot weather and a friendly tip, please do not drink their water, find the one in the supermarket, buy drinking water, you can get food poisoning quite easy. 

Keep In Vogue and family have printed their footprints at Cambodia! and more to come!

Oh in case you want recommendation for tour guide, please do contact our tour guide. He is such a good and funny person! We love him so much and the words Oh My Buddha is from him, ahha!

Here's a look of him :

His name is Sip Chamnan
Contact : + 85512593107
Email :

Remember to contact him if you wanted a really happening tour guide!

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