Simple chunky

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1. R074 - Cube Ring , RM 23

Blog Shop : delirious

Astounding accessories, perfect for the lovers like us.

Shoulder Detail

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Colossal debut , pound to take lead. 

Dose of Inspiration - DIY Mr. Ducky

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I went to Daiso and went crazy and bought a lot of DIY material. For those who doesn't know Daiso, it's a store that literally carry everything, i mean EVERYTHING which only cost RM5; SGD 2 per item. Today, we will start with Mr. little Ducky. 

 Thing to prepare - Mr.Ducky Easy Ready Pack, Needle, Scissor and Glue. Let's start

 The Easy Pack packed with wool felt, filling cotton, embroidery thread, cut ready duck eye & blush, keychain string and a clear instruction sheet (but everything is in Japanese though =P )

Start with by using the instruction sheet as a guide, cut out the shape.

 Glue on the eye and blush. Sew the felt and fill in with filling cotton.

Continue to fill and sew, you will have something like this (left pic).  Sew everything together.

Tada! Mr.Ducky is done! Not too shabby right, for a beginner like myself.

For other alternative, try making your very own Bear.
Helen's provide very convenient easy pack as well.

You can even custom made and choose what kind of material, make it to your liking. Fabric Fanatics have everything you need, the bear button is just so cute!
Have a greet weekend and have fun!

Be different, Be yourself

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1. Y-3012 , RM 55 
2. Y-3011 , RM 65
3. Y-3008 , RM 59
4. A-3005 Vintage Brown , RM 79.90
5. A-2015 Brown , RM 89.90

Blog Shop : Mayishop

Individualistic showed, with your preferences of control.

* It's a pre-order sins and ready stocks mixture *


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2. Graffic Chiffon Dress , RM 45 * SOLD 
3. Pussybow Top , RM 39

Blog Shop : lullalicious

Flirtatious chiffonation , flow in.

* It's a pre order sins and ready stocks mixture * 

Serious fun

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3. Koleksi 201 , RM 35

Blog Shop : Cinta Classique

For fun take and rainbow colour to take charge.

* It's pre-order sins and ready stocks mixture. *

Looking Smart

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4. Oxford Heels , RM 45

Blog Shop : Two Cups of Tee

Looking smart on the day of office, wash away those deadening bits.

* It's a pre-loved treasure . *

Amber Hot

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1. D296 , RM 59
2. PO 015 , RM 60
3. PO 013 , RM 20
4. PO 008 , RM 49

Blog Shop : Dress2Dazzle

Celeb good fit uttering fits.

* It's a pre-order sins and ready stocks mixture . *

Swingy Shoes

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1. SN1807 BROWN , RM 54
2. SN1811 BROWN , RM 54
3. SN1720 BLACK , RRM 53
4. SN1732 BEIGE , RM 53
5. SN1763 LIGHT OLIVE , RM 52

Blog Shop : Agape Boutique

Lilthing footwear to tinkling your heart.

* It's a pre-order sins and ready stocks mixture. *

Fuel your shoe obsession

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1. Platform Mary-Janes , RM 72
2. Cut-out wedges , RM 65
3. High heeled loafers , RM 68

Blog Shop : Monkey Business Inc

Fuel your shoe obsession. These seems to be comfy.

* It's a pre-order sins *


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1. H&M Fair Lady , RM 99
4. H&M Barbara in Pink , RM 99

Blog Shop : Pink N Proper

Delilah and astonish. Bloom.

Kimono Fab

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Kimono trend, rise again. This time with more selections.

Market Place

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1. Lilac dress , RM 35
2. Design 1 , RM 6
4. Denim Corset Pants , RM 47

Blog Shop : Bits N Pieces

Offering outfits in lower price which spanking new condition.

* It's a pre-loved treasure *

SALE : Supermodels Secrets

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1. Deicy Pearl , RM 42
2. Flared Dress , RM 45
3. Brief Clutch , RM 55
4. Wide Sleeves , RM 65
5. Tiger , RM 55
6. Back To School , RM 85

Blog Shop : Mrs Peppermint

For the major to those with fashion sense, strike on just with one piece.

* It's a pre-order sins and ready stocks mixture. *

Urban Tee

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1. b1a006 , RM 29.90
2. b1a005a , RM 29.90
3. b1a002 , RM 29.90 
4. b1a003 , RM 29.90

Blog Shop : Determined Chicken

Since meme are so widely known of, why not meme tee? Le buy.

Print Maniac

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1. Pattern , RM 50
2. Lucky Star , RM 50
3. Colour Block , RM 50
4. Cropped Dragonfly , RM 50
5. Flowery , RM 50

Blog Shop : Quee.Inc

For the alternative of print and abstract. Pair with simple bottom to finish the look.

Dressed down & up

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1. DB14 , RM 59
2. DB10 , RM 26
3. DB3 , RM 38
4. DB12 , RM 42

Blog Shop : De.beau-Culture

Dresses for perfect cut; perfect fit.

Limitless possibilities

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With combination of voluminous and style. 

* It's a mixture of pre-order sins and ready stocks apparels. * 

12 Fabulous Work Attire 9-12

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11. LWC1312 Feathers Top , RM 42
12. LWC1316 , RM 18

Blog Shop : Little White Crane

Your Company allow the employees to work comfortably in the workplace. Yet, we still need our very best, we call it smart casual.

12 Fabulous Work Attire 5-8

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Blog Shop : Su Estilo

Objective in establishing a business,  a polished, professional look with your personal style.

12 Fabulous Work Attire 1-4

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1. Cardigan x100 , RM 35
2. TH1006 , RM 58
3. Z04 , RM 55
4. Z03 , RM 60

Blog Shop : Bolster Store

Bolster store, Little White Crane and Su Estilo brings you a dozen of fabulous hints for dressing up smart, chic and comfy for each day of Work.

Be the eye capture of the team with the perfect look and stylish bag.


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not only did they provide nameplate necklace ,
providing exclusive discount for Keep In Vogue readers,
they are now expanding their empire!

Sachi Mieko currently are offering blog shop owners to rent a rac
to showcase your lovely goods!

Be it accessories , necklace, gorgeous rings,
those killer shoes and edgy apparels.
It all fits in!

Offering a few slots to fit it the merchandise,
here are the details :

Box A1 , B1 , C1
Height- 38.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width- 35cm
Rental- RM 150 / Month

Box A2 , B2(booked by Brenda) , C2(booked by chris) , A3 , B3 , C3
Height – 33.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width – 35cm
Rental- RM 150 / Month

Box A4 . B4 , C4
Height- 76.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width- 35cm
Rental- RM 250 / Month

Box D1 , D2 , D3 , D4 . D5 (booked by adrena) , D6
Height- 56cm
Length-  50cm
Width- 30.5cm
Rental- RM 250 / Month

That's not all!
If you join them from APRIL to JUNE and pay 2months rental only, you will be entitled for the 1st month to be waived, 
that means it is FOC!

Where is the location of Sachi Mieko ?

The full adress is 41, JALAN SS15/4B 47500 SUBANG JAYA SELANGOR,
located in between one of the most crowded place in Subang Jaya which is in SS15.

Besides that, 
Sachi Mieko is also creating perfect awareness of the offline blogshop because there will be a 20x4 Signboard to indicate the exact location and attract potential customers in.

The shop is also decorated in a very modern and vibrant interior design and includes airconditioning. 

And what is special about it is that Sachi Mieko offers membership cards to vendors to increase the awareness of the shop to their loyal customers and getting returning customers (customers will get discounts!)

Sounds beneficial ey?
With a lot of privileges and also affordable prices.
Why not act now and call 013-3398032,  Ila,
the owner of Sachi Mieko to get this opportunity?
With a little funds, you can achieve your dream as entrepreneur , 
you just have to take first step!

Fashion Bible

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Blog Shop : Bon Voyage

Tremendous endogenous . One strike finish it all. 

Bag These

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Bag these babies on your hand , make em proud. 

Dose of Inspiration - Wishlist

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1. Danielle Foster Bag   2. H&M Dress  3. Ipod Nano Classic 4. Marc by Mac Jacobs Watch 
5. Michael Kors Watch  6. Alexander McQueen Clutches  7. Proenza Schouler Medium Leather Satchel
Danielle Foster bag has launch some really pretty bags that you have your eyes on for 24/7. H&M dress,
when i first saw it, I fell in love already! It is great for dinner and stuff, the back design is flawless, accentuating the waistline and also have some push up, a definite spotlight stealer for sure. Music is a huge part of my life, and it has influenced to what I am today. I want a Ipod Nano Classic so I could  keep track on music. MC watch and MK watch, I am fond with black and gold watches, they resemble classic and a hint of elegance, but I was looking something to go casual with, so this two is my favorite and perfect choice. Alexander MC Queen,
need to say more? It is the most chio-est/edgy  clutch, it suits me the most because I want to be rockstar! lol. Proenza Schouler bag, leather and matt black is my stuff, and the design of it makes me say IT'S GONNA BE MINE SOMEDAY!

1. Love Aqua Chiffon Asymmetrical Maxi Dress   2. Neon Aztec Faux Leather Feather Earrings 
3. Iphone DIY Case  4. Givenchy 'Pandora' Bag  5. OPI Designer Series - DS Radiance
6. Versace Yellow Diamond  7. Lancôme Rénergie Eye Multiple Action
I'm obsess with Mint colour, my new muse! When Tecky meet crafty, the DIY iPhone case. Givenchy will be and always my favorite label, the Pandora bag just goes with everything. I've been a fans of glimmery nail polish for quite sometime, but just cant find the perfect shade that i wanted until i come across this. It's like a silver foil effect finger paint! Versace yellow diamond fragrance, not only it's long lasting, it is also with luminous fresh floral fragrance. Rénergie Eye Multiple Action, a unique combination of two treatments for six visible anti-aging actions is perfect for a lazy bum like me. It help to fade Dark circles and contour the eye area!

OKAY! enough with the bla bla bla. Have a greet weekend and have fun!

Dose of Inspiration - Inspiration Board, Nail Art

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Picture credit via refinery 29

Girls, we always enjoy to pamper ourselves with a touch of color on our nails. Which ever how u choose to get it done, either pay a visit to the nail salon or create stunning nail art designs by yourself. With extensive range of nail art supplies, we love to DIY.  Here with a few inspiration of design we would love to try on, which one would u prefer? Vote for your favourite down below. A tutorial coming up =)

KIV nail art
 free polls 

Have a greet weekend and have fun!

Colour of bliss

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Blog Shop : Motte Closet

Splashing colours. Popping eye candy.

Inventive Collar

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2. Angel Wings. , RM 40
4. The Crochet Collar. , RM 35

Blog Shop : that's couture

In trend now. Selling like a hot cake/pie . Highly strung.

Dainty pump

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1. Brown Velvet Pump , USD 50
2. Black Gold Suede Heel , USD 45
3. Lace Chanel Heels , USD 50

Blog Shop : Stylo + Mylo

Those desire and want for killer pumps , dainty and killing.

Rich Neutrals

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Blog Shop : Melody Love Fashion

Novelty trade good with trinket cuteness. 

Batch Button

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1. Forever Hungry , RM 6
2. Limited Edition Badges , 3 for RM 16
3. Tumblr button. , RM 6
6. Snow Leopard button , RM 5.50

Blog Shop : Meraki

You know badges are once so in trend where you can see everyone has it everywhere.


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Style Remains

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1. Hippie/Top , RM 40
2. BlackWedges/Shoes , RM 50
3. H&M/BagPack , RM 25
4. H&M/Jegging , RM 35
5. TwoLayer/Top , RM 30

Blog Shop : Expired Lil Thing

Expired lil thing for others, but maybe, not for you.

* It's a pre-loved treasure *

Going Out chic

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2. Bold 97xx Casings , RM 5
3. Brown Rubi Hobo , RM 60 * INCLUSIVE POSTAGE *
4. Coral Color Block Blazer , RM 40 * INCLUSIVE POSTAGE *
5. Multicolor Rainbow Tee , RM 40 * INCLUSIVE POSTAGE *

Blog Shop : Skon

A sudden change on a sunny day, makes it worthwhile for cheery day.

* It's a pre-loved treasure *