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This week in Keep In Vogue, KIV brings you to a glimpse of europe - Barcelona!
If you are hype about travelling europe, Barcelona is one of the destination that you should not miss!
Here's why :

A peek from the board. You can see the sea is as blue as it seems. 

Barcelona is a place that you can never explore finish even it's a week!
It's a place equipped with well planned transportation, be it buses, LRT, train or cars.
Compared to malaysia, their LRT and ours are a little different because they are really punctual in time,
also they can stop to whichever stop that you want. They didn't switch much.

This is the LRT station sign which indicate on which places they will stop.
The LRT ticket has several packages, I took the T10 package. 
Its uses is by trip, you can use it 10 times. 

But but but! The significant transportation for barcelona is ride a bicycle! 
So it's very easy to travel + sports + no traffic jam in one.


Significant architecture buildings with amazing designs.
This guy is a genius, remember him, his name is Antoni Gaudi.
He is a insanely crazily brilliant artist + architecture genius. He has devoted his entire life in designing these building, from drawing, to material selection, guidance, everything. These are all his masterpiece, and it is a must for you to visit all of them and be impressed!

Look at the details! Yes it's all from the creator, Antoni Gaudi, also the workmanship of the workers are amazing.

Casa mila also known as La Pedrera, it is nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Gaudi first build this in this design because he wanted all people who stayed in this mansion know and communicate with each other. It creates harmony and better understanding.

Next, Gaudi most amazing and exclusive building, Sagrada Familia!
It is the most impressive building that keep me amazed by all.
This project has been started since 200 years ago, and it is now still carrying on by the son of Gaudi.

Do let the picture do the talking, and have a glimpse on the interior!
For your information, Sagrada Familia is a big big church with different themes and thoughts inside.
Gaudi wanted to build different kind of building under his name, churches are one of his intention.

The inside, the roof top.

With pillars and story.

The back side of Sagrada.

Can you see how insanely he is? All those details alongside with storyline. Gaudi invest his efforts and time.

Guel park/ Park Guell.

As gaudi intention were clear, his dream was to benefit the public. So he build a park for the majority.
Why name it as Guel? Its because although Antoni gaudi has his dream but he do not have the capital to build and invest in this project, in this moment, a hero has appeared! His name is Guel, which happen to be a billionaire and later on, the best friend of Gaudi.

Palau Guel. And also because the friendship of Gaudi and Guel are blooming, Guel entrusted Gaudi to design his mansion. This is another must go place, the mansion is huge and grand. The entrance ticket is about 12 Euro if not mistaken.

End of Gaudi's creations, but there is still more! I didn't get to explore finish because it was a 4 days trip.

Other attractions that you should go. Barcelona Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Why is it so special? It's because of the design, it is a fushion of Gothic cathedral with the seat of archbishop of barcelona. Not that regular church which has more holy and noble design, this is more to dark but still magnificent!

Barcelona church has its curfew and you have to purchase an entrance ticket ahead if you want to visit. But there's one speciality about it, it is FREE ENTRANCE after 5, open to public, only terms is you have to wear decently. No singlets, stripes, short/hot pants. You have to wear long sleeves, and long pants to enter.

One of the scripture inside.

Also, Music Fountain

The music fountain will start about 6 or 7 evening time. With the fountain flowing up high and music so loud.


Food so special, but do not expect too much, lol. It was okay. Barcelona is famous for Paella, La fonda is famous for its Paella and it has been reviewed by well known food examiner.

This is Paella.


Wet Market. If you ask the local, they will direct you to there. It's somewhere around La Ramba.
MUST TRY FRUIT JUICE! All fresh, and its 1 europe for each!

The Strawberries, look how huge it is!

Well, that's all for now. You have to explore more if you have any chance to be there.
Till then, xoxo!

You'll see this a  lot there :(


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