Dose of Inspirtaion - 12 Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted by KIVOGUE On 12/22/2012 11:00:00 am

Christmas is just around the corner, we hope you all have complete your gift hunting.
Here with 12 creative ways to wrap your gift.

1. Perfect for the dude. 
Credit via Lilyshop
2. So pretty! I just how she wrap it with ribbon and key!

Credit via ohhellofriend

3. Pom pom cute cuteness. Tutorial here.
Credit via whipperberry

4. Before your unwrap your gift and thought this must be another chocolate, well think again! smart!
Credit via Lifeasmom

5. Wrap it with personality!
Credit via Hello Monday

 6. Lace- sweet, girly
Credit via Amanderae

7. Recycled fun
Credit via Marthastewart

8. Japanese fabric wrapping technique!! Tutorial here.
Credit via Design happens

9.A little peekaboo of your gift maybe?
Credit via Marthastewart

10. Brown paper + silver pen = nice gift wrap!
Credit Via Minieco

11. Cute idea to label your gift with name tag!
Credit via Project wedding

12. The gift thief!!
Credit via whatimade

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