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As Christmas creeps in, Pink N Proper has specially brought in this distinctive collection to celebrate this festive ol season!

Highlights of the day:
All dresses collection are from quite a selective brands, mostly United Kingdom brands.
You can hardly ever get it from Malaysia store unless you buy it online.
All hail to the online store, this has definitely give us ease of shopping.

Let's see what Pink N Proper has brought in to us:

1. Rare One Shoulder Embellished Dress in Metallic Pink , RM 119
2. Rare Twist Neck Cross Back Dress in Metallic Purple , RM 139
3. Rare Ruffle Sleeve One Shoulder Dress in Black , RM 139
4. Rare Wrap Neck Chain Print Dress in Pastel Peach/Mint , RM 139
5. Rare Bandeau Chiffon Drape Dress in Blue , RM 159

All these UK highstreet brands, all imported from United Kingdom!
You bet it won't be available to all person, less the fright to bump in someone with similar dress too.

A Dazzling Christmas,  Pink N Proper presents you a series of dress to impress!

1. Rare Floral Print Peplum Dress in Mint , RM 159
2. Rare Tube Side Mesh Dress in Black , RM 159
3. Rare Paprika Shoulder Embellished Sash Detailed Dress in Emerald , RM 199
4. Rare One Shoulder Ruched Bodycon Dress in Purple , RM 119
5. Fashion Union Luella Open Back Dress in Blue , RM 139
6. Fashion Union Lourdes Embellished Dress in Blue , RM 139

Affordable, high street branded and one of a kind.
What's not to celebrate and cheers to that?
This is also a choice to impress the date, that's your moment now ladies!

Also, what you can expect from this exquisite brands?


Fashion Union Luella Open Back Dress in Blue , RM 139

Nice cutting, accentuating the waist line, showing your curvy sensual body.
Personally, we found this collection of line are undeniably fitting. We have tried fitting in the dresses,
to us, it did a magical touch.
Us ourselves, have a broad shoulder and a disturbing problem on hips,
but these brands, their cutting is amazing, its emphasize on the waistline while shoulder and hips doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

Abstract print or mono colours, it can be as eye popping as your pick.
If elegant is your choice, opt for mono tone colours. Above all, this dress has its smooth surface thus resulting the cotton material to be extra comfortable yet it is a perfect selection for a presentable yet a way to show your elegance and grace to others. Not forgetting, light weight too!


Rare Chain Print Peplum Dress in Multicolor , RM 139

If you are a lil "hot chilli" or jalapeno, abstract print are an instant plus to catch people attention,cause you are the bomb!
But beware, less is always more, your accessories should be as minimalistic as possible,
it's a rule of contrast.

Also, Pink N Proper is also giving out Hello Kitty case for free, with a purchase of RM 150!

That's not just about it, to add an extra bonus, Pink N Proper has specially threw an event to celebrate it,  in conjunction of having this merry Christmas! It's a SEND A CARD FOR CHRISTMAS and it's all free!

Boys, you might want to pay a lil more attention here. This is a gift that you may consider for ya girls, while girls, you may apply it for yourself or anyone else.

This SEND A CARD FOR CHRISTMAS includes one Christmas card and a RM30 gift card.
How to apply? It's simple, just refer SEND A CARD FOR CHRISTMAS here.

So dress to impress ladies! If you are in need of dresses, Pink N Proper are here at service.
If you have any brands of UK in mind, Pink N Proper is also a fashion finder.
They will help you to search it, so just make a wish!

Additional touch:

Get another 20% off, you know what to do! :)


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