Street Snap Saturday

Posted by KIVOGUE On 9/22/2012 10:47:00 am
Milan is a fashion city as we have all known through media, movies, and photoshoots.
Here in Keep In Vogue, we have came across Milan and present to you the street snap that we encountered. Nicely done!

Men's version:

Left: Gentleman looking sleek and fit. Pair of greatly blazer, keeping with the most basic colours to bring out the classic.

Right: Post-skaterboi look that brings out that rebellious personality, and with that hairstyle, ahah, you earn it man!

Women's version: 

Left : Like the way how she style her oversized outfit that showing her shoulder and back. She pulled up her hair as a bun to make it more obvious, emphasizing on the overlay. Lastly, a huge hit with a hippi oversized bag that polished the whole look.

Right: This is what you call simplicity that carry out the elegant. With black open sided dress that flaunt her beautiful long legs, pair with a simplistic sandals and brown bag aside. Not forgetting, a cute tote bag and that "talking on the phone" gesture really got me well.

Group/friendship version:

These boys sure knows how to smile. Love the way they smile to each other, a sincere happily smile. As if they are having a real good time together.

Left: Chit chatting with each other but never less the style. Love the guy with that tribal tattoo. Ohh a big love!

Right: That flair asymmetrical dress! In peach! Eye catching!

Well then, that's it for this week street snap. Awaits for more.

Have a lovely weekend!

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