It's been months since my last Korea product review, i need to finish up my old cleanser then only try out this Etude House Baking Power BB Cleansing Foam for a few week so i can have my honest and valid review =). I'm not sure this cleanser already discontinued as i can't find it on the official website. 

A little info of my skin type - Oily skin type, specially at the T-zone area. Occasional break out during that "time" of the month. Black head & white head mainly on nose & chin.
Rate ★★★
From the packing - "Formulated with baking powder and to gently exfoliate skin and penetrate pores for a through cleanse."

Texture - Just like ordinary cleanser with a lemony scent.

Direction - Wet your face, dispense small amount on to hands. Lather and apply foam to face, wash and rinse.

Fun fact -  Baking soda is a great traditional remedy to heal acne. I guess it's the reason why this cleanser work.

This cleanse it's such a hit for me. After using for 2 week, thank god.. no break out and it's doing good for my skin. I notice that my pore have slightly minimize! But my oily T-zone stay =( well you can't ask for too much right.  I would only recommend for those who have oily skin type as it will kinda dry up your skin.

Rated 4
Repurchase? Yes.
Have a great weekend!

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