Dose of Inspiration - DIY Muscle Tank

Posted by KIVOGUE On 9/15/2012 11:37:00 am
Seriously cool muscle tank top inspired by Nasty Gal. Grab one of your old printed tee and get ready to "revolve" to a new trendy muscle tee!

Picture credit from Nasty Gal Cougar Muscle Tee, Evil Eye Tank, Faded Cross Muscle Tee

Things to prepare - Old Tee, Male Tank Top,  Scissors, Needle, Thread & White Pencil.

Step 1 Place the male tank top on top of your old tee as a guide

Step 2  Secure it with needle

Step 3  Trace the outline of the tank top shape with white pencil

Step 4  CUT!

Step 5  Cut the unwanted sleeve into 3 stripes
             * Don't cut all the way, leave the top part for easy braiding*

Step 6  Braid away!

Step 7  Sew the braid along the armhole.


Perfect with denim short. A little bit of sexyness yet have a bit of peekaboo of your favorite bandeau.


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