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Hi dolls! Look what do we have here? If you experience dryness of lips yet don't like any cosmetic application, we got you covered! With these flavoured lip balm to rejuvenate your lip.

Thanks to Supermodel's Secret , it has granted us yet again to test on these goodies!
Without further ado, let us have a glimpse of the exciting products!

It's the infamous Hersley's Chocolate Lip Balm from Supermodel's Secret and Smurfs Limited edition Strawberry flavour lip balm!

Wrap all up with cute packing where it is great for token gift! Not only gift, but take this as a conditioned beauty products for yourself as well. Pampered your lips, moisture it to keep the healthy glance.

Hersley's Chocolate Lip Balm smells like a real choco bar. When we apply on it, it has the smoothest texture on us. Not to forgot, it is enriched with choco flavour as if a chocolate fondue is spur on you. 
BUT , even with Hershey's Syrup it's wont add on any calories to your diet!

While when you thought of Smurf, 1st thing that hits is the colour blue! Don't worry, it come with strawberry flavored with a cute Limited Edition Smuft packaging. Smurfs Limited edition Strawberry flavour lip balm provides you a sweet and strong scent of strawberry. If you are a strawberry fans, opt this as your daily fix. 

Now let us draw into the advantages and comment for both products:

1. Keep your lips looking hydrated. Even if you are not into beauty product, apply lips balm to moisturise your lips
2. Sweet Flavoured for both. Imagine your special some one kiss you on the lips like kissing candy.
3. Always been a fans of Matte lipstick but base on my experience, matte lipstick always will dry up your lips. Put on a lip balm before your matte lipstick to avoid flaking lips.
4. Both Lips balm are in very light hint of colour. Choco with very light coco colour; strawberry with light pink. Both can achieve a natural and radiant look, thus, fret not about being not usable on daily.

So why not purchase when it has so much benefits? And more importantly, see great deals below!

Can we hear a yayyy?

Now to celebrate this awesome goodies, Supermodel's Secret will be giving on 50% off on this purchases!
That's right, 50% on this products!

Currently, Hersley's Chocolate Lip Balm is priced at RM 24 with shipping,
so with this 50% off, you do the math!
What's not worthy?

All you need to do is insert this code "delipcious" in the email or comment box where you are bout to order!
Promotions ends on end of August.

Now as sharing the love with us, you can also sing the happy song " La la la la la sing the happy song..."

Visit Supermodel's Secret website for more info, while their e-store at Supermodel's Secret E-store and their facebook !


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