Dose of Inspiration - Inspiring Ombre nails

Posted by KIVOGUE On 8/04/2012 12:05:00 pm

Hi dolls! Ombre dye has long been embedded in trends, especially now where it is so hot.
So why make a little ombre nails by yourself?
Not only it is eye catching, surprisingly, it is so easy to do so!

Inspired by this, we have opted a different colours but this version is so so nice!

So now, without further ado, let's work it out!

Things you need to prepare :

1. 2 or 3 colours of your choice (We have opted 3 colours)
2. Base coat and top coat
3. Sponge

How to:

1. First, apply base coat of your choice, in my case, I have opted white as my base coats and I applied 3 layers of it to prolong the duration of colours on my nails. Let it dry and confirm that it is dry before you proceed to step 3.

2. Cut a sponge into a triangle shape or you can purchase it at the store, normally, it's the foundation sponge that are used in this tutorial.

3. Apply and brush on the colour of your choice (lighter tone) on the sponge, dap it over your nails where you think it's necessary. In my case, I like my ombre to be wider so I dap it more in-dept. It depends on individuals actually. If you like to flaunt your base more, then flaunt it, it is okay!

4. Apply the other colour of your choice (darker tone) on the other side of sponge and repeat step 3. This time, dap a little bit on the tip of your nail. After this, you will see a clear 3 layers on colours on your nail.

5. Apply top coat and voila! It's done!

See, simple right?


Don't be furious as it looks really ugly at that time, I assure you, it will not look bad at all later. Also, don't worry about the mess that you have made, as you are using a sponge, it tend to get all over your fingers/toes. You can get rid of it later by using a cotton bud dap with your nail remover and swipe it clean.

It will looks like this after it is done (with cleaning of side mess) and so on:

Now that you have master the idea on doing a ombre nail mani/ pani. Why not try it out for yourself?

Send in your ombre nails art to us at and we'll post it out here.
Let's get inspired and let us inspired others as well, shall we?

Have a lovely weekend!

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