Dose of Inspiration - DIY Cake Topper

Posted by KIVOGUE On 8/18/2012 11:02:00 am
Last month was my bf's birthday and i was wondering what should i do for him other than birthday gift. How about DIY a really fun cake topper! Since blowing candle and cake it's a must right?
Here we go.

Things to prepare - 2 Satay sticks, Scissor, Sticker paper, White thread, Tape

Step 1 Print the cake flag template on sticker paper

Step 2 Cut out the flag

Step 3 Fold it into half but DO NOT STICK it together yet!

Step 4 Apply the thread across the folding line of the flag.
           YES you may stick the front and back together.

Step 5 Tape the thread to the satay stick

Done! Your personalized and humorous way to top off the birthday cake. 

You can always print the template with just normal A4 size paper and just use glue to stick it together. I just thought that sticker paper is more time saving ;p.
I've uploaded the Cake flag topper for you, you can download the template  >>here<<
Have a great birthday celebration with your love ones and Happy weekend everyone! 

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