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Hi dolls, have you ever heard of Chalotte Katy ?
If you have not, this is the site that you can get great bargains!
Of offering affordable and edgy goods, Chalotte Katy is one of the blogshop that ought to be highlighted!
Chalotte Katy is one blogshop that offers both ready stocks and pre-order apparels.
And shall we see what's in store then?

Chalotte Katy , offering inspiration apparels from UK and Korea that have some cool prints for those that favour bold style,
but that's not all, all style have been taken into consideration thus, you can find all great buys here!
Especially love the galaxy sky gaza jacket that makes your eye pop! Not forgetting, the gorgeous cross hearted stocking to inspired Uk look back to Malaysia as well.

One thing about Chalotte Katy is that they provides ready stocks picture with real photos,
thus, you can see by your eyes on the quality, designs of the apparels.
More the satisfaction and guarantee, less the worry!
Not only that, we have discovered some worth buying apparels and are eyeing on them as well.
How to not eye on them especially they are in super affordable prices?
Tempting and tantalizing much! As above you can already have a brief overview on what clothes they are carrying of.
Quite interesting yes? We do believe that if you have no budget, you'll buy all of it! Because that's what we are going to do, * shopaholic much * 

Here with another selection of our favorite picks, jeans and denims that we believe,
hit the current wave and pick on the basis simplicity.
The rest of the pieces are on details, details and details.
Lace overhook, vibrant strike yellow and union jack design that profoundness-sly make you want to own them!

Now, here is your chance now! In conjunction with our mother country, Malaysia 55th National Day,
Chalotte Katy is giving away FREE POSTAGE if you purchase 2 pcs item above.
So hurry and grab that promotion, after all, who doesn't like that privilege and hot cake bargains?

NOTE: Promotion of free postage ends on 31st August, 2012.

SHOP : Chalotte Katy | Chalotte Katy Facebook


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