Dose of Inspiration - DIY Silver Stud Bangle

Posted by KIVOGUE On 7/07/2012 11:37:00 am

The arm candy trend had yet to fade, while i'm bangle hunting i came across Vince Camuto Studded Bangle Set, which i think is so cute but too bad Vince Camuto did not ship internationally so i get inspired and DIY one. 

Things to prepare - Round & Square stud, Silver Bangle, Glue gun & stick, Scissors

Step 1 Gather your stud

Step 2 Cut the prongs half

Step 3 Fold as per picture above

Step 4 With the glue gun, apply glue on the back of the stud
          *Be careful, the glue gun is pretty hot and you might get burn.*

Step 5 Attached the stud to the bangle, and press it down

Done! Easy Breezy! Give your hand armor with that wonderful silvery glow!  Have a greet weekend!

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